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Boult BassBox Arc & BassBox Verve Portable Wireless Speakers With 8 Hours Battery Life Launched, Starting at Rs. 999

Boult Audio has launched two portable wireless speakers – BassBox Arc and BassBox Verve which is equipped with twin 57mm large drivers with Bass Radiators and IPX5- certification. The BassBox Arc and BassBox Verve support Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for fast pairing and strong signals over a longer operation range from the source.

The Boult Audio BassBox Arc as shown above and BassBox Verve are compact speakers. The BassBox Arc is cylindrical-shaped, while the Verve is a rectangular cuboid-shaped speaker, and both are built with a robust body that is claimed to handle almost everything from bumps to dips. These speakers are wrapped with some of the finest fabrics for a premium look and the top and bottom (and sides respectively), are equipped with rubber for additional grip while also preventing it from accidental damage. The entire shell is also IPX5-certified for safety from water and dust.

The BassBox Verve sports a modern look with large volume buttons on the fabric and a red nylon strap on its side that adds an elegant styling. These speakers offer staggering 8-hour battery life with a built-in rechargeable battery.

The BassBox Arc is packed with powerful 50mm driver for high-performance audio and extra bass whereas the BassBox Verve offers twin 57mm drivers along with a Bass Radiator for super-loud bass. The BassBox Arc and BassBox Verve feature a powerful 5W and 10W high-fidelity amplifier respectively that are finely tuned to perform with zero distortion even at the highest volume as further claimed by the company..

The BassBox Verve additionally features a USB port and a microSD card slot to listen to your stored songs without your smartphone or laptop.

The BassBox Arc (5W) and BassBox Verve (10W) are priced Rs.999 and Rs.1299 respectively and are available on Flipkart.com. These speakers come with a standard industry warranty of 1 year.


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