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Call USA For Free Over Thanksgiving – From 24 to 28 November

If you have got friends and family living in America you can call them for free this Thanksgiving weekend! Localphone.com are offering free calls to USA for 4 days over Thanksgiving.  The company has said it wants to make it easier for their customers to keep in touch with with loved ones this holiday season. Calls will be free to standard USA landlines and mobiles from Thursday 24th (5am GMT) to Monday 28th (5am GMT), 2011.

There are no restrictions on how long you can call for or how many people you can call, as long as you call a US landline or mobile it will be free during the promotion.  After the promotion has ended, calls will revert to the cheap price of 0.4p (0.5¢) per minute to call America.

Localphone has a number of different calling services you can use depending on where you are located.  The most used services are their Local Numbers service, which gives you a local number to call your friend abroad from your mobile or landline. Or you can call from your computer or iPhone using their internet phone and iPhone app.

To take advantage of the Localphone promotion and call US for free this Thanksgiving weekend just sign up for a free account. It doesn’t take long, you put your contact details in and verify your number and the account is created. You can then start adding in your contacts  in America ready to call them for free on Thursday….!!!

You could also tell your friends who live in America to sign up to Localphone, because they will be able to make free calls to American landlines and mobiles too.

To start making free calls to USA this thanks giving visit the official website: Localphone.com

Happy Thanksgiving To You 🙂


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