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Case Mate Barely There Safeguards Galaxy S II From External Damage [Review]

Samsung Galaxy S II is selling like hot cakes and rightly so with it being a powerful android device one can dream of. Buying a Galaxy S II is one thing and keeping it safe and secure is another. You wouldn’t want to risk “breaking” is by accidentally dropping it, etc. And with Samsung Galaxy S II’s slim design, the chances of seeing it in ruins are more.

So what can you do to protect your beloved, expensive Galaxy S II?

The answer is dead simple, don’t take it out from its packaging!? Ha ha.. Just kidding…!!! A more realistic approach is to safeguard Galaxy S II using Case Mate Barely There protective case designed specifically for Samsung Galaxy S II devices. Courtesy, Mobilefun, I tested out Case Mate Barely There protective case for my Galaxy S II and found it pretty solid with one small nag (which you’ll come across later on).

First Look

Barely noticeable Case Mate protective shield.

First impression is the last impression. Believe it or not but the first look is the one that makes or breaks the case. Case Mate Barely There clearly scores when it comes to first impression. The case is built specifically for Samsung Galaxy S II and fits in perfectly. All the side buttons, speaker, camera have been given just the right amount of space. Even the USB charging slot as well as audio jack have been taken into consideration without required space made for in the case. (Refer the images at the end to see what I mean)

Accommodation Of Galaxy S II

You must be wondering as to why did the writer even think about including this point when Case Mate Barely There is made just for Samsung Galaxy S II. In my justification, I have tried a couple of hard covers before trying out this one and not even a single one of them accommodate S II perfectly. But with Case Mate Barely There, such is not the case. It “sticks” (not actually. Duh!) with Galaxy S II perfectly with no extra space left. And since the case has cut outs for each and every exit point of device, the fit is even more perfect! In short, it wraps around Galaxy S II almost like a second shell.

Over All Feel

Let’s get down to the business. After spending nearly Rs. 30,000 ($600) you wouldn’t want your phone to look cheap and ‘plasticky’. Case Mate Barely There protective case makes sure that Galaxy S II’s oomph factor doesn’t dip. Being a perfect fit for S II getting Galaxy S II into the case doesn’t really hinder it’s appearance. As a matter of fact if you hold your device with the case on people will still be able to judge that you own a sexy S II 😉 No problems there.

Summing Up

To summarize my view point, Case Mate Barely There serves as the right protective shield to safeguard your Samsung Galaxy S II from unwanted free falls. It fits onto S II perfectly, the curves of S II are maintained and so the look but there’s a small downside to it, Galaxy S II being an uber light weight device, this case does make it a tad bit heavy. Though in my opinion this is not a deal breaker and in fact it is better to carry a few extra grams in your pocket rather than risk “breaking” your smartphone.

The other thing is upper and lower edge aren’t protected and neither is the front of the phone viz. screen. But if you come to think of it casing all the 4 sides would virtually mean putting S II into a box. No frill there.

Apart from this, Case Mate Barely There case serves as a good companion for Galaxy S II. I no more worry about loosing the shine of my S II with the inevitable scratches that would have piled up on the rear of the phone!!

Case Mate Barely There costs £15.95 and can be bought directly from Mobilefun website – Case Mate.


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