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Celebrate Women’s Day With Style With BlackBerry Apps

image001 (1)BlackBerry is famous for bringing out useful apps for the special occasions. This time, BlackBerry has come out with appropriate apps to celebrate International women’s day, which is celebrated on 8th March around the globe. Majority of these apps are free and give useful inputs about beauty, dining,staying fit,self-defence and many more. Some of these apps are:

Natural Beauty Tips : Natural Beauty tips and treatments based on antioxidant fruit, vegetables, and oils. Also includes massage treatments, yoga postures, meditation techniques, styling, and hair care advice to restore your youthful appearance.

Restaurant Finder : This app helps you pick your favorite restaurant in the city.

Eyewatch Women : Especially designed to cater to women safety needs, Eyewatch is an application that will assist you in all your difficult situations.

Self Defense : This app will help you with some of the basic self-defense tips that will help you to get out of dangerous situations.

image021MapMyFITNESS : features real-time GPS tracking with distance, time, pace, and speed display, support for mile or km output, synchronization with your activity log and routes on MapMyFITNESS.com.

image023Make-up beautiful : Enhance your beauty and look your best for women’s day with these tips and tricks right at your fingertips.


Girls Night Out : This theme changes your background, add some new high definition backgrounds.Experience this beautiful theme on your smartphone.

Price: Rs. 50/-

Discount Calculator For Smart Buyer : This application help shopaholic, discount hunter, or just regular shopper to count the real price value of the discount. Using this application shopper can transform and become smart buyer.

Women Summer Style : The exciting application helps women to enhance their style while beating the heat.


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