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Cellcontrol Unveils Distracted Driving Solution App For iPhone At CES 2014

Cellcontrol, the world’s leading technology to stop distracted driving, announced the addition of Apple iOS for consumers to its award-winning distracted driving prevention platform. Cellcontrol offers the first and only solution that defers text, email and inappropriate use of Apple’s iPhone when a vehicle is in motion.
This app keeps drivers from being distracted by texts and email while simultaneously allowing the safe use of iPhone features, like Siri. Moreover, the solution provides a policy module, which allows administrators to limit all, or just some, of a driver’s iPhone features. When vehicle motion is detected, Cellcontrol instantly enforces the specified driver policy – at the phone feature level – enabling use of, or disabling, specific iPhone features. Cellcontrol offers parents of teen drivers, fleet managers, and individuals who do not want to be disturbed while driving, the ability to easily manage how an iPhone functions in a vehicle.
Cellcontrol’s mission is to make mobile devices safer – preventing inappropriate texting, emailing, photography, web browsing, phone calls and other unsafe activities – when in the hands of a driver. Removing the handheld phone as an option while driving forces drivers to take advantage of hands-free technology and drives the adoption of an automobile’s in-vehicle system. Cellcontrol carefully balances the end-user experience through flexible policy customization that is defined by the phone administrator (end-user, parent or manager) through a web-application.
“We’re making smartphones smarter by empowering users to control their iPhone at the feature level when a vehicle is in motion,” said Rob Guba, CEO and co-founder of Cellcontrol. “Personal responsibility, government regulation and law enforcement can only do so much to curb a driver’s desire to look at the phone. Cellcontrol gets to the heart of the problem. We keep phones quiet by putting the device on virtual do-not-disturb and temporarily disabling mobile phone features that cause distraction in the first place.”
The new iPhone application will be compatible with two Cellcontrol hardware product lines: legacy vehicle databus connected Triggers as well as DriveID – the new solar-powered, windshield-mounted, cable-free, device that identifies the driver and distinguishes policy enforcement between the driver and accompanying passengers.


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