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Useful Fitness Apps Available On Windows Platform

You may have made lot of resolutions to stay fit and also keep your finances in control in the year 2014. To stick to your resolutions, Microsoft has brought out the best and most useful apps, which are available on the Windows platform. Some of these apps are listed below:


Yoga and Health : Discover balance in your life with the Yoga & Health app. Follow a selective yoga routine with poses that suit your health and fitness needs.


Green Health : Learn everything about nature with the Green Health app. Get information about herbal plants, Indian Ayurvedic treatments, yoga and more.


Fitness Friend : Make fitness a part of you with the Fitness Friend app. It’s one of the most complete applications available in Windows Phone that helps you achieve fitness goals.


Quit Smoking : Check how many days of your life you’ve lost due to smoking with the Quit Smoking app. Track your your current health status and get tips to avoid smoking.


Kick Smoking : Resist that craving for a cigarette with Kick Smoking. Unlock health benefits and keep track of the timer that takes your mind off the craving to smoke.


Sallys Spa : Treat yourself to some fun with Sally’s Spa. Give your customers sauna sessions, massages and manicures. It’s a wonderful escape for gamers of all ages.


Money Tracker : Track your expenses with the Money Tracker app. Let us do the math when you need to split bills among friends and manage your outstanding dues.


Save Your Money : Use the Save Your Money app to manage your expenses effectively. All you need to do is make a note of it every time you buy or sell something.

One can also look at other useful apps like:


The New Year Resolution app, which is for those who intend to really achieve their goals this year.

Jet Set Go app to experience five different styles of time management.

The Things to do lite app for due tasks that don’t have a strict deadline. Make your life easy by remembering everything.

Simple Do app will not let you miss important appointments. With this app, you can record things you did yesterday, are doing today, and will do tomorrow, and you’re good to go.


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