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Cellular Line In-Car Retractable Charger – Rewind Your Car Charging Worries! [Review]

I never really emphasized on the usage of car chargers for the simple fact that a portable battery pack is a better alternative to have rather than in-car charger wherein you’ll be stuck to being near your vehicle just to get some extra charge for your smartphone.

However, during my last trip I realized in-car charger is something of a necessitous backup rather than an option. My battery pack died out of the blue courtesy the faulty indicator lights and I was left hunting for a wall socket in my college premises. Thanks to Mobilefun I was sent Cellular line car charger to cope up with this need.

First Look – Impression Maker

Coming starting to the point, the first and foremost thing I liked was the retractable capable. Nobody would want wires all around the drivers seat which can be dangerous as well as irritating and Cellular Line Roller Car Charger made sure this wasn’t the situation to be. The retractable cable is long enough to reach out to almost all the parts of your car be it a hatchback or sedan 😉 So practically speaking even if you’ve got someone in the boot, he/she can also get some charge…! No worries there.

In addition to the greatly useful retractable cable, there’s also a USB slot accompanying. The usage? Immense! Why? Well, for starters charging iPod is a breeze, you can charge multiple device if the cable is already engaged, etc. In short a USB slot gives the possibility of multiple charge opportunity. Who wouldn’t love that, Right?!?!

All said, there’s this one small issue, the retractable cable is a micro usb car charger so this actually limits the type of devices you can connect with the charger. However, the good thing is that Cellular Line has been intelligent enough to include a USB slot for supporting USB charging for incompatible devices. Exclude the hassle of changing the tips and throw in a USB slot, intelligent think I’d say 🙂

Receptacle Response

Moving on, the mechanism of holding the charger in cigarette lighter receptacle is loosely based on spring system built right before the contact point of in-car charger. Though, I haven’t really faced any disconnection issue after using it for a month but some where down the line there’s this concern that the spring might go hanky panky. Saying this, I also want to add that the spring kind of thing has been sturdy enough not to cause any issue as of now.

Ergonomics – Design Factor

What matter the most is the functionality and sturdy receptacle. This being said, the charger should look good too when in receptacle. Cellular Line In-Car Charger surely doesn’t disappoint in any sense when it comes to design and body line. There are many small things that are aesthetically pleasing, worth mentioning are:

  • Dim Blue light spurs up when connection is established with receptacle (refer pic).
  • Black body color with silver strip.
  • A simple lever which when stashed down rewinds the cord automatically!

All in all a great in-charger for your vehicle, must have addition to your kitty and worth the buy product. I guess this sums up what I had experienced 🙂

Cellular Line Roller Car Charger costs £14.95 and can be purchased from Mobilefun online store – Cellular Line Retractable Car Charger (MicroUSB)


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