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CES, MWC Will Showcase Many Full HD Smartphones, Phablets

It is now quite evident that majority of smartphones makers are unanimous in their thinking that it is now time to come out with new models having big HD displays. Of late, we have seen Samsung’s Galaxy Note II  equipped with 5.5″ inches display, getting very good response.

After tremendous success of Galaxy Note II, which is also dubbed as phablet by many analysts, Samsung is almost ready to come out with new flagship smartphone Galaxy S IV, which is expected to be showcased in CES in Las Vegas or in MWC in Barcelona. As per various unconfirmed reports and rumors buzz, this new iteration of Samsung will feature 4.9″ inches display and may be equipped with 13 MP Camera.

Similarly, Lenovo is also expected to enter the fray with two new models featuring display sizes of 5″ inches HD display and running the latest version of Android operating system.

LG has tasted blood with  Optimus VU with 5 inch IPS display, and like HTC, have announced similar projects of full HD smartphones in the pipeline, and their models slated to hit the market in the first half of 2013.

Probably, all the smartphones makers, who are not in tablet business like HTC, Sony and LG want to shrink the difference between smartphone and tablet, by coming out with more advanced phablet with HD display and bigger screen size so that they could address to some extent the need of tablet segment. As of now, majority of  owners of tablets are using these devices for internet, gaming, watching movies in high resolution and listening to music etc., and if these applications can be performed on phablets having high resolution big displays then phablets can fetch some leverage in tablet segment.

The coming CES and MWC events will herald arrival of new trend and many new phablets are expected to debut in these trade shows. 2013 is going to be the year of phablets and there is going to be tough battle between phablets and tablets.


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