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Chitchat For Free With Gupshup Messenger App For Android, iOS, BlackBerry And Feature Phones

Gupshup Technologies has launched its unique mobile application called GupShup Messenger. The app bridges smart-phones and feature-phones – enabling users to reach every mobile device and everyone. The app combines public and private messaging in one place – enabling users to reach every friend and follower. The plus point of this app is that it is inclusive product as even owners of feature phones can also use this app on their feature phones. This unique feature differentiates this app from Whats app, which does not support feature phones.

The GupShup app works on Android, iOS, Blackberry and Nokia S40 platforms, and is free of charge. The app, along with the previously available SMS and web interfaces, enables GupShup users to now send and receive messages from every mobile and web device. Smart-phone users send / receive messages using the data channel, while feature-phone users send / receive messages using SMS. If the message recipient does not have the app, GupShup will deliver a text message to them free of cost. In a way, that’s unlimited, free text messages bundled into the app – the app user need not buy an SMS plan.

GupShup Messenger includes many innovative features. By combining public and private messaging in the same app, users can seamlessly switch and easily share messages with followers and friends respectively. The public messaging feature enables users to follow any of GupShup?s numerous communities or post messages to their own. The private messaging feature makes the whole address book active and reachable, unlike other messenger apps that can only reach users that have also downloaded the same app.

The app includes a rich collection of emotions that allows users to express themselves in personalized ways. The app includes access to a large, growing online library of emotions, to which users can even upload their own.

The GupShup service is used by over 65 million users that have created over 5 million communities. Existing SMS users of GupShup that migrate to the app will still maintain their profiles, history and relationships with other users. The service, previously known as SMS GupShup, will now be known simply as GupShup, reflecting it’s extension beyond SMS.

GupShup also provides mobile marketing and engagement solutions that enables businesses to interact with consumers. Over 25,000 Small Businesses and 500 Brands use GupShup to acquire new customers, engage existing ones, and reach millions of users with targeted mobile messages. On any given month there are over 2 billion messages exchanged via GupShup.

With so many free messaging app like Gupshup,Whats app,Hike and Chat On for Android only, we presume that it is end of the road for conventional SMS environment. Gupshup app supports all the platforms except Windows , and the company is non-committal at this stage when this platform will be ready. But, they will not keep waiting Windows smartphones users for long and shall fill this gap also in due course of time.


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