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Creating Documents the Smart-BDocs Way!!

The Blackberry is the ultimate mobile office companion although a new advertisement talks about the Blackberry going friendly and social for everyone (truly it has!), at the heart of the “Blackberry” is the extensive and rich support for e-mail and document creation, editing and management. But then you can’t have the cake and eat it all too – so the Free Office Version that is shipped with the Blackberry device allows you to View and Edit Documents and not “create any” leaving a gaping hole in Office tasks. This discovery generally happens at the critical time when you need to create a document and find out that the Documents To Go free app shipped with your BB phone slaps you on the face and tells you this is not possible in the free version; generally things tend to go that way – saviour at this moment – SmartBDocs

Developed by Quite-Simple SmartBDocs allows you to create Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets and PowerPoint Presentations. With a simple click any of these document formats are created and stored onto your Memory Card. This can later be opened by the Docs2Go bundle and edited like any other document.

SmartBDocs is a relatively inexpensive option as an alternative to downloading the Premium Version of Docs2Go which is priced at US $ 19.99 and this can be hard to swallow considering one small inconspicuous feature absent in the Docs2Go bundle.

The following download options are available for SmartBDocs:

Probably the biggest advantage of using SmartBDocs on a Blackberry that has a history of limiting “Application Memory” is its incredulously small size of 55 KB and for that it packs quite a punch! On the other hand the Premium Version of Docs2Go which is bundled with a PDF reader bites of a huge 3.7 MB of application memory.

Compatibility issues don’t exist if you are going to download this from your Blackberry App World; that happens to be the best bonus of the App World; it helps generate a list of Apps that are customized to your handset and won’t leave you in the dark looking for issues of compatibility.


Guest post by Prashanth Narayan, who is a serious Blackberry addict 🙂 Loves his wife, amazing daughter, family. He is a music maniac, peace lover, tech freak, avid reader, passionate blogger, book and movie reviewer, traveler, tweeter and an investor!



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