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Instant Menu: Shows List Of Running Application By Just Touching The Screen!

All the mobile devices that i own are Nokia touch phones running s60v5 OS and although i respect the symbian OS however, there’s one thing that I wish was there and that’s the ability to bring out the menu showing list of running applications by touching a part of the screen (not the menu button). Displaying the running applications by touching/tapping a part of the screen allows you to quickly switch over the applications that you are or intend to use simultaneously. Instant Menu, a product of CellPhoneSoft, is one such symbian application for Nokia touch phones which shows the list of running application when the top left part of the mobile phone screen is tapped once. A very useful application indeed. Since the time I installed Instant Menu, I have been using it. Following is my review of Instant Menu:

Instant Menu Review

Triangle on top to show list of applications

Instant Menu has a small installation size taking up just under 150KB and can be installed on Phone memory or Memory card. The home-screen of Instant Menu shows the list of applications (can be customized) that will pop up once you tap the top left part of touch screen. The home-screen also allows you to add/delete applications from the list thus allowing you to keep only the most used applications by you. Once you set the application list, you can also customize the way in which the touch area reminder appears viz. transparent, corner marks, dotted frame or translucent icon (Triangle), animation style, etc. After setting up the application settings, all you need to do is save them and that’s it. Now tap once on the top left are of your mobile phone’s touch screen and a menu will pop up showing the list of most used applications as well as the current running apps.

Instant Menu is a simple and light weight application that makes life on mobile simpler! And for this reason I’ll recommend it all those who, like me, aren’t interested in using the menu key. The only thing or rather an additional setting that I hope Instant Menu has in its future versions is the ability to display running applications in place of showing customized (or frequently used, as mentioned above) list of applications.

Instant Menu is a paid application and costs 9.95 $ (which i believe is the right cost to pay for this nifty app). Instant Menu is compatible with all Symbian touch-screen phones (s60v5), including the latest Nokia N8, E7, C6-01, C7 and older models like Nokia 5800, 5230, 5233, N97 mini, 5235, etc.

You can take this app for a spin by downloading a trial version from CellPhoneSoft website.



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