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CREO Updates FUEL OS With Customizable Audio Effects

Keeping up with the promise of a New Phone every month, by providing monthly OS level updates, CREO has rolled out new update to its stock Android based Operating System – FUEL OS for the month of June which packs in customizable Audio Effects. This update allow users to natively change sound effects, across apps and system software; be it games or streaming or listening to stored music.


With the Audio Effect feature, users will get a quick and easy way to enhance their media listening experience. The feature stems from the understanding that a user spends a lot of time consuming varied media on their smartphone and each media demands a different audio output. From gaming to listening to music to hearing an audio-speech on the phone; there are different audio modes best suited for each. Audio Effects also makes it dead simple for Fuel OS users to toggle between audio modes, as stated by the company in its press statement.

Audio Effects is Fuel OS’ endeavor to empower the sounds in your phone, and to do it not just for all apps and games in your phone, but also adapt it for all outputs from your phone, be it Bluetooth, AUX Output or USB.

Sai Srinivas, CEO & Co-Founder, CREO, said “Audio has become integral to the modern day smartphone user – from music and movies to sound effects in games. When the feature suggestion came from our active community in CREO Forums, we realized we must build a universal and seamless solution to tuning music in Fuel OS, applicable for all apps and customizable to your output. With this update, we believe audio will never be the same on Fuel OS, starting this June”

CREO had launched its first smartphone Mark 1 running on Fuel OS in the month of April this year.


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