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Data Quota – GPRS/3G Bandwidth Monitor For Nokia (Symbian) Phone

Day by day smart-phones are being used more and more to carry out the basic online tasks. And with the improvement in GPRS technology as well as better access to 3G, time spent online has also increased. Now, this being said GPRS, 3G services come at a cost and with certain bandwidth limitations. You need to keep an eye on your usage in order to avoid any extra bandwidth costs (usually very high). You, as a Nokia owner, can keep a track record of your usage via the following 2 ways:

  1. Use Nokia’s default Data Counter log, which is very hard to use for keeping in check monthly usage.
  2. Use Data Quota, authored by Hugo Van Kemenade.

Data Quota is a nifty application available for Symbian running mobile phones. With just over 10 KB of installation size, this mobile application allows you keep a check on the bandwidth used for a particular period and shows the same graphically. Data Quota makes use of the Data Counter Log maintained by Nokia mobile phone and presents it in an attractive and comparable manner. This application provides only 2 customization options:

  1. Quota Allows you to set the maximum bandwidth that your operator has allotted for a particular period. Once you set the limit, a comparison will be shown reflecting Actual Usage and Allotted Usage level (as set by you).
  2. Billing Day Simply set the day of the month when your Bandwidth is renewed. Once you set the limit, a bar will display the days remaining until the exhaustion of next Billing cycle.

I am using this application for some time now and i must say, it very well does what it says. An 11 KB installation size doesn’t hurt your memory (be it phone or mmc). I recommend you to use this application and keep vigil on your bandwidth usage via GPRS or 3G. This being said, it doesn’t record the data transmitted over Wi-Fi, other this its a nifty utility for users glued to their mobile phone’s, busy surfing Internet!

The latest version of Data Quota can be downloaded via its official page here.


  1. Hi Paritosh, I too have this app. How accurate do you find this app vis-a-vis the telecom provider’s bills for GPRS usage? I’ve found a huge difference (Airtel) and I am not sure if it is the telecom providers billing error.


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