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Reliance Mobile Free GPRS Trick/Hack [August, 2010]

The last time i shared a FREE GPRS trick for reliance mobile was in the month of June. This time, I am sharing a brand new working GPRS trick/hack for Reliance mobile for browsing internet for FREE!

In order to get this trick working and get free gprs on your reliance mobile, just follow the steps give below:

  • Activate GPRS on your mobile phone (get the settings only).
  • Set Rcomwap as the default connection to connect with Internet.
  • Use any of the following mentioned 2 links directly in your mobile phone’s default web browser:
    • http://10.239.t9space.com
    • http://10.239.flyproxy.com

That’s it! Once you open any one of the above mentioned url in your browser, start browsing any site by inputting the URL! And do share your experience of using this trick. Were you able to access internet on reliance mobile for Free?


  1. isir ji yaa 3 setp ye aa rhi hai Service Not available for this plan
    plss help mee plssssss
    kyaa karu main yaar mere ek frnd chala rha hai per vo bolta hai ki fre band ho gai hai uske rilance mai 35 to 40 kbps speed aa rhi hai plss aap mujhe koi aisi trik batao jo working ho plsss bro.

  2. I couldnt open sites in application browsers like opera mini, uc web, bolt,etc using rel gprs setting..can some one give me a solution.

  3. Sir,
    I am using Nokia 2700 classic so please tell me how to do the above mentioned settings. Desperately need your help.

  4. sr i hd conetect to the docomo care he provide me proxy but he ws saying tht if i vl use this proxy thn i vll b charged.
    if then i hv activated any plane for net yet it vl b charged
    the proxy which he provide me are nd the port is 8080
    nw plz tell me sir wht i hv 2 do……………>>>>>>>>>>>>

  5. Tata Docomo is the data bearer in your case. If they don’t know about the settings they are using to provide GPRS connectivity then who will? And to check manually, browse through your phone to locate the GPRS settings, click on the edit option on the settings you are using and see if Proxy is enabled or not.

  6. bt sr docomo care dose nt provide proxy settings. he says tht thr is no information about the proxy nd all thr settings are totly based on data barear .
    nw wht i hv to do sr.????

  7. The links only work with mobile phone’s that have real player installed (by default). And the free settings that i provided will not work with these links.

    Please don’t hesitate in contacting me in case of any mobile related query 🙂

  8. sr i had contect to the customer care he provide me manually settings and in those settings the proxy was dissabled but i hv another setting in which proxy is enabled yet in both settings the channel u provide me not working
    one more thing is that i hv only default player if any another player is required thn please tell me the site from whr i cn download tht player
    is socket nd proxy both r same thing.????
    i m using tht proxy setting which u provide in ur comment named tata docomo free setting june. is tht setting unable to play online channel………
    please sr g guide me i kno i m taking too much time…sorry if i waste ur time but please help me nd thnk u so much fo rply………

  9. Contact DOcomo customer care and ask them if your internet plan has a socket/proxy connection or check the internet settings on your device to see if proxy is enabled or not.

    Regarding tv links, if you are trying to copy them from opera mini then they’ll NOT work. The method you posted is right but try to directly open it from browser. Also make sure, your mobile phone has real player.

  10. sir hw cn i check tht ? ,means
    wht is my connection type? i mean plz tel me if i m using prxy thn hw cn i chang tht into socet connection.
    i wud lik to tell u tht i m using tht configuration setting which ws provided me by tata docomo. sr plz tell me complete setting for tv.
    one more thing i would lik to tell u, tht hw m i using the tv
    firstly i copy the link which u provided thn paste tht into notpad and save tht file with extenion .ram(as nikhil.ram) after tht i send tht to my mobile nd open it with my default media player is it a right way if it is not a right way thn plz tell me the right way to use those links.
    and thnx again to help me………..may god less u….

  11. NDTV and Aajtak have been personally tested by me recently and are working fine. Make sure you are using socket connection and please leave your comment/queries on the live streaming post NOT here.

  12. sir from those ink which u provide only colors is working
    another links r showing errors as
    aaj tak shows error connection lost
    ndtv also shows connection lost
    9xm low shows media clip not found
    9xm high shows unable to open file…….
    thnk u sr g 2 help me nd for giving me ur importent time
    sr please provide me lins which cn work on my tata ddocomo
    i would lik 2 remind u tht i m using nokia 2730 classic
    and thnx once more………….

  13. Sir i m using tata docomo and i can’t watch any hindi channel lik aaj tak , mtv
    the only channl woking on it tht is star cricket..
    I m using nokia 2730 classic
    sir plz tel me hw cn i watch thos channels
    on [email protected]
    or 9045036538
    nd thnx bos

  14. hey i found another trick.. when your balance is almost zero then go to rworld which is free there is a link to subscribe for daily 5 rs pack then subscribe it on which u can access any sites your 5 rupees will be deducted then before 11 in night unsubscribe the service from same location and you will be refunded the amount. then after 12 in midnight you can again subscribe it for the whole next day. i have not checked it with lot of balance as i don’t trust reliance.
    @paritosh : i was saying that even your trick deducts 20 paise for evey new session

  15. Hey paritosh i really admire ur work for the tricks…
    well the proxy is costing balance when a web site is opened in browser.
    also the above mentioned proxy charge a onetime fee of 20 paisa for sure…
    basic working is if anyone understand that a encrypted data flow through this proxy is not considered so not charged for 😉 keep hacking.. and hey paritosh if there is any new tricks could u kindly mail me or tell me way to suscribe for rss or email


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