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The Digital Universe In India Is Poised For 9 Fold Increase By 2020

As per a report released today by tech giant EMC and research firm IDC in New Delhi, it has been revealed that “strong adoption of wireless technologies, coupled with the growth in Internet consumption, migration to digital TV and increasing “sensors” based machine to machine communication are playing a central role in catapulting the volume of India’s data. Due, in part, to this Internet of Things, the digital universe in India is nearly doubling in size every two years and will multiply 9-fold between 2013 and 2020 – from 326 exabytes to 2.8 zetabytes. 

images (5)IDC also forecasts that by 2020 Internet of Things will represent almost 10 per cent of the data generated in India. The Internet of Things comprises of everyday objects like a sensor in your shoe, surveillance cameras and mobile phones, which can automatically record, report and receive data. As per the report, the data from these connected devices represents 4% of the total data in India today.

Other Key Findings of the released report are :

Emerging markets are producing more data: Currently, 60% of data in the digital universe is attributed to mature markets such as Germany, Japan, and the United States, but by 2020, the percentage will flip, and emerging markets including India, Brazil, China, Mexico and Russia will account for the majority of data.images (4)Mobility will be a key driver of the Digital Universe. Mobile “Connected Things” generate 18% of the Digital Universe in 2014 and it is estimated to grow to 27% by 2020.

India’s share of the global Digital Universe will double over this decade – from 3% in 2010 to 6% in 2020.

Consumers create data but enterprises are responsible for it: Two-thirds of the digital universe bits are created or captured by consumers and workers, yet enterprises have liability or responsibility for 85% of the digital universe.

More than 50% of the Digital Universe in India needs protection- The most things at risk are Corporate financial data, Personally identifiable information (PII), Medical records and User account information. Organisations based in India (80%) are more likely to have experienced data loss and/or systems downtime within the past year, than those overall across Asia Pacific and Japan (71%).

The Internet of Things will create new opportunities for Indian businesses – Investment in the “Internet of Things,” as well as falling costs and increased usage of devices that capture, create, manage, and protect information, will enable Indian businesses to realize new sources of value five distinct ways – new business models, real time information on mission critical systems, diversification of revenue streams, providing global visibility and deploying efficient and intelligent operations. New monetization opportunities exist for Indian enterprise but they will need to invest in analytics and talent.

Speaking on the occasion of releae of the report, Rajesh Janey, President, EMC India and SAARC, commented “India’s Digital Universe is growing fast driven by increasing digitization across business and government; and a steady rise in capitalization of the social and mobile phenomenon by everyone. It’s full of untapped potential and once unlocked it promises to inform us in ways that can improve lives, find remedies to incurable diseases, redefine industries, discover new markets, help solve local community challenges such as hunger and poverty – the possibilities are endless. EMC is committed to helping enterprises capitalize on the Digital Universe, to see it as a business opportunity that can deliver tangible value – rather than simply a data deluge issue”.


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