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DishOnline App Launched For Android & iOS Devices


Exactly after 10 years of its debut in India on 2nd October, 2003, Asia Pacific’s largest diret-to-home (DTH) company Dish TV has gone online to bring entertainment anywhere anytime on smart devices running on Android and iOS devices. DishOnline is an application for Android and iOS devices and can be uploaded ONLY by the subscribers of Dish TV. This app can’t be used by non-Dish TV subscribers. Dish TV has plans to introduce this app for Windows devices also in the near future.


DishOnline if first of is kind full-fledged OTT(over the top) streaming application that will provide unlimited entertainment on the go. This application will be ideal companion of passionate TV viewers as they can now carry their TV in their smartphones, tablets and laptops etc., and enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

This application is a first-of-its-kind online video streaming service wherein customer can watch TV not only on TV screen but also aross devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops etc,.


The DishOnline subscribres can enjoy their TV in four forms i.e. Live TV, movies, TV shows and videos. This can be accessed by downloading from the Google Playstore or the Apple App Store.

Existing Dish TV subscribers will be able to access channels across genres, and some of the popular channels like Zee TV, Sony, Sab, Zee Cinema, Zee News, Aaj Tak, BBC, Headlines Today, Sony Mix etc. will be available on this appliation. For movie fans, this application has collection of 1000+Hollywood and Bollywood movies.


The key highlight of this app is that video streaming of TV programme is smooth and video quality is superb. Currently, many online video streaming services are available, but they do not provide good output quality and streaming gets inerrupted quite often. DishOnline has been created by investing a lot on its technology. To offer the most advanced online TV viewing experience, DishOnline is powered by Ditto TV – India’s online streaming portal and back-end hardware is provided by Siemens of Germany.

DishOnline is availabel in two packs – Jumbo pack at Rs. 129/-, which includes all live TV channels + all movies+all shows+all videos and the Starter pack for Rs. 49/-, which consist of all movies+all shows+all videos. As an introductory offer, these packs are being offered at Rs. 69/- and Rs. 29/-, respectively.


This application is futuristic idea from the stable of Dish TV, and will change TV viewing habits of many people. Becaue of explosion of smartphones and tablets, majority of susbscribers now want to see their favourite TV shows at their convenience and place and this application is ideal solution for such viewers. Gone are the days of appointed viewing and now viewers are fast moving to see their favourite contents on their smartphone/tablet screens. Dish TV has understood the taste and requirements of the moving viewers and their introduction of DishOnline application is timely and path-breaking. Dish TV is quite optimistic that out of  their 15 million subscribers, atleast 5 lakh subscribers will download DishOnline application on their smart devices, to start with and this number will grow gradually.


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