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Cygnett CarGo iPad Car Mount Review

Travelling with your family in the car can serve as a good family time however 30-40 minutes into the journey and things can become little boring. Though the music system does keep almost everyone engaged but it isn’t as involving as watching a movie or a television serial. This is where Cygnett CarGo Car Mount For iPad comes into picture.

The Cygnett iPad CarGo Car Mount is an ingenious portable gadget compatible with all iPad’s as well as tablets of certain screen size. It essentially converts the rear seat of your motor vehicle into a miniature media room thus allowing everyone sitting at the back to watch movies, television serials, etc on the iPad resting on Cygnett iPad Car Mount!

Build Quality

Entire unit including the bracket is made from plastic. Even though it is plastic in nature but it doesn’t seem fragile at all. There is just enough padding included in unit to avoid leaving any kind of marks on either attached iPad/tablet or metallic part of car headrest.

Cygett CarGo iPad Car Mount Components

CarGo Car Mount iPad holder is strong enough to hold your iPad/Tablet without any jitters and flexible enough to be easily adjust viewing angle (clasp ensures 360 degree rotation and tilt mechanism).

Installing – Initial Setup

Setting up CarGo iPad Car Mount for the first time can be a bit confusing. To ensure that you don’t have to fiddle around with the components of package, I am listing down steps:

  1. You need to attach the holder with headrest of your car. This can be done on driver’s side; passenger’s side or any other seat as long it has a headrest. The bracket has 2 hooks (at the outer edge of the accessory) which slip over the metallic bars of the headrest and then clamp tightly shut.
  2. Now you have to place the iPad cradle onto the headrest bracket. This is done via a notch that securely locks the headrest holder and iPad cradle firmly.

Cygett CarGo iPad Car Mount Demo

That’s about it! What’s worth mentioning here is that the mid-bracket responsible for holding your iPad/Tablet offers full rotation  i.e allowing portrait, landscape orientation. In addition it also has a tilt mechanism which helps in adjusting iPad in accordance with viewers eye level.

Usability – Overall Experience

To begin with once iPad/Tablet is placed on CarGo Car Mount all the available ports, buttons of the device are fully accessible. The mid-bracket has sufficient padding on the inside which protects iPad/Tablet placed inside from possible scratches. Plus iPad holder acts like a mouth which adjusts to almost every devices size!

Cygett CarGo iPad Car Mount With iPad

One thing I was concerned about was how secure my iPad was while traveling on bumpy roads. Fortunately the bracket stayed secure the whole time however the headrest holder seemed little shaky at times. Just to be on the safe side, I tightened it  to make sure iPad didn’t fall out.

Cygett CarGo iPad Car Mount Side View

Another important point, though I placed my iPad without any casing or cover but there will be others who would want to use casing/cover with this unit. For such users, a heads up, though you won’t face problems using iPad cases but certain bulky covers won’t play nice with holder. Not a deal breaker IMO.


Cygnett CarGo Car Mount is easy to install and can be used with various sized tablets apart from Apple iPad. It’s ability to change orientation of device, tilt are very very useful. Ignoring my over cautious attitude towards what I felt like a loose headrest holder, I would recommend this nifty gadget for you car.

You can purchase it from MobileFun product page for $38.99 – Buy Cygnett iPad CarGo Car Mount.

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