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Don’t Mess Up With Lokpal Bill, Dear Congress – Feel The Pulse of People

As reported by us earlier, even after adopting Sense of  the House, this UPA government cannot be trusted to bring out strong Lokpal Bill as demanded by Anna Hazare. We had strong reservations that this government would bring strong Lokpal Bill as demanded by civil society members.Anna Hazare has taken right decision to sit on one day fast to remind the government that it will face wrath of common man if it does not bring the desired Lokpal Bill.

It is foolish on the part of  Congress to criticise one day sit in of Anna Hazare and participation of opposition parties to express their views for strong Lokpal Bill. When the Congress has decided to present before parliament the truncated and weak Lokpal Bill then it is democratic right of citizens of this country to protest.

People Of India Demand A Strong Lokpal Bill

I fail to understand why the present dispensation do not read the mood of the country and pulse of the people, and why they are hell bent upon making this complex issue by using one excuse or other. Mr. Manu Singhvi, chairman of standing committee, may be very learned lawyer, but he cannot befool the country anymore. The citizens want end results and not his suave and complex reasonings. Enough is Enough.

I would like to pose few questions to Sonia Gandhi/Rahul Gandhi, because without their consent even a single leaf cannot fall in the Congress courtyard. No need to ask any question to our worthy and economist Prime Minister, who have no say in the administration and he has been reduced to lower division clerk, who is supposed to put his signatures on dotted lines and speak the prepared speeches duly vetted by 10, Janpath.

  1. Can’t you see and feel the mood of the nation, which want strong Lokpal Bill and it was promised while adopting Sense of  the House.
  2. What prevent you to express your views on this subject when everyone is crying from every platform to bring strong Lokpal Bill.
  3. Do you think that by ignoring the common citizens of India, you can be successful in the coming elections in UP, Punjab or you have decided to go in for mid term general elections. If that is the case then be prepared for the worst ever defeat.
  4. Why both of you have become so detached to the sufferings of the common man. Your claim that your government is for Aam Admi – Common Man – is totally false and you have no regard for the common man.
  5. Do you still believe that by shutting your eyes and ears, the common man will still vouch for your government in the general election, whenever they come and they will come before due date of 2014. I hope you are not frail after your recent medical problems that you cannot take any decision and Rahul is interested only to dethrone Mayawati and unfortunately, he is going to fail in this mission also.
Dear Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, please take corrective measures immediately before it is too late for your government to survive.

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