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DRF Launches World’s First Standard For Renewing And Accepting Recycled Mobile Devices

The Device Renewal Forum (DRF) today announced the publication of a global standard for renewing and accepting smartphones, feature phones and tablets that have been refurbished. Known as the ‘DRF Device Renewal and Acceptance Criteria,’ this technology-agnostic standard is the basis for certifying that renewed mobile devices meet the DRF’s high-standard for product quality, appearance, performance and integrity.  Once buyers and consumers associate product integrity, quality and value with the DRF Certification Mark, the market for renewed devices is expected to grow substantially.  The DRF’s goal is to preserve the environment and double the market for renewed mobile devices within the next five years.

The DRF Device Renewal and Acceptance Criteria provide:

  • The industry’s most comprehensive and detailed standard for renewing and certifying smartphones, feature phones and tablets.
  • A requirements document for certifying renewal facilities, which must meet health, safety, environmental, certification process and QA standards. Downstream vendors or subcontractors also must comply with the program requirements.
  • A requirements document for certifying renewed devices, including a zero-tolerance policy for verifying that devices haven’t been stolen and that they are completely sanitized.
  • A document that defines receipt processing, data sanitization, triage, a 100-point inspection checklist, testing, QA, kitting, packaging, storing and shipment.

“The DRF Device Renewal and Acceptance Criteria enable us to guarantee product quality, security and peace of mind,” said Perry LaForge, DRF chairman. “This industry-framework is a milestone toward reforming a system that relegates up to 99 percent of all mobile devices to landfills, junk boxes, closets and desk drawers.”


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