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EchoDrive Is Fuel Reducing And Environmental Friendly Solution

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In today’s time, when fuel prices are sky-rocketing  and as a result, it pinches the pocket of fleet owners, who can’t enhance their tariff everyday. To address the problem of ever increasing fuel cost, which is very crucial especially for the commercial vehicles, it has becomes extremely important for the operators to search for viable solutions to remain in business and earn handsome profit.

EchoDrive is a bolt-on easy-install system that converts existing fleet vehicles to electric assist, aimed at providing rapid return on investment through easily attainable cost-saving performance.

EchoDrive is the ideal solutions for reducing the cost of the fuel by converting fleet vehicles into highly fuel-efficient plug-in hybrids. For the first time, fleet operators have an option to significantly reduce their operating costs.

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The most significant and unique feature of this solution is that investing in other solutions, one will have to wait for at least 6 years to get ROI whereas EchDrive promises you payback of  24 months, which is quite reasonable period to get back after investing in this technology.

EchoDrive can be easily bolted onto new and existing vehicles cost-effectively, and in the event of the system not working in the fitted vehicle, the vehicle can continue to operate on its original system, without disruption in the service. Unlike other solutions in the market, EchoDrive does not replace the existing system but rather adds energy to it.

The EchoDrive platform enables existing vehicles to leverage grid power at a fraction of the cost of fossil fuels. During driving, EchoDrive applies that stored energy via the electric motor to assists the power train when the internal combustion engine is most inefficient, significantly reducing the workload of the engine and the use of fossil fuels.

EchoDrive’ advanced battery  pack allows fleets to deploy just the amount of expensive batteries needed on each vehicle to shorten the payback period. EcoDrive utilises inexpensive and cleaner energy source stored in its battery packs. This cheap energy helps EchoDrive to fuel efficiency by 50% or more.

The following three salient features of EchoDrive make it different from the crowd of existing fuel efficient solutions available :

1. Return on Investment promised in 24 months compared to 6 years by majority of fuel-efficient solutions.

2. This solution helps in generating cleaner and cheap energy.

3. In the unlikely event of a component failure, the vehicle will simply revert to its pre-conversion operating capabilities. This eliminates the fear of unproven new technologies affecting operations.

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