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Celebrate Valentine Day In Eight Ways On Windows 8

Microsoft has come out with eight simple apps for Windows 8 for your Windows 8 laptop and Windows 8 smartphone to make your Valentine Day a perfect, romantic and without any sort of stress.

Windows Phone 8 Apps: AskMe (for any shopping query)

This App enables you locate the best vendors close by for flowers and chocolates, to be gifted to your Valentine, and to bring  smiles on your partner’s face are worth every rupee. The day is off to a flying start. You smile to yourself, because there is another surprise up your sleeve courtesy the 99 Labels App, Which is Windows 8 app which you can use to snap up a range of perfumes, accessories and Valentines Gifts – from the Valentine’s Day Sale section.

Windows 8 Apps: Dhingana, Hungama, Raagaa, gaana, Jive HD (Music Streaming)

Windows Phone 8 Apps: Valentine Greetings, PhotoMask (Personalise with a real life photo and your own words) Valentine Card (Send a personalised greeting), TuneIn Radio (for the perfect selection of romantic radio stations)

As the day progresses, Windows 8 Apps keep on coming up with great ways to share the day with your loved one. You know those songs and quotes that are so special to both of you. Use Dhingana, Hungama, Raagaa, gaana, Jive HD to create your very own V Day playlist. Also log on to Romantic Shayari to get the latest Shayari to impress your other half. And while you are doing that use the Valentine Greetings App to create the perfect greeting card.

Apps on Both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8: BigFlix, BookMyShow, PVR

Is your loved one mad about movies?  Use the PVR, or BookMyShow app to grab tickets to the latest matinee show. Don’t want to step out? Use the BigFlix App to download and snuggle up with your favourite Bollywood romance.

Windows 8 Shopping Apps: Zovi

Apps on Both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8: cBazaar

To impress your loved one, you can order various items like shoes and T shirts from Zovi on Windows 8.

Windows Phone 8 Apps: Zomato, Burrp

Zomato is also available on your Windows 8 PCs and tablets

Mixology app on Windows 8: Cocktail Flow  

As the hours pass by, your stomach does begin to remind you that man cannot live on love and fresh air for ever! You can use Zomato  and Burrp on your Windows Phone to locate your loved one’s favorite restaurant, the same one where you had your first date and it’s off for some food. Lookup and plan an all new specially customised exotic cocktail on the Cocktail Flow app on Windows 8. Cosmopolitan and Sex on the Beach are so yesterday!

Windows 8 Best Buy Apps: Deals & You

Post lunch, book both of you for some pampering at the nearest Spa courtesy the Deals and You App. Deals and you gets you the best options and daily discounts for spas and restaurants.

Windows 8 music download App: FlyteMP3 app

After some very indulgent spa treatment, present your loved one with a CD loaded with “your songs”, all downloaded from the FlyteMP3 app.

Windows 8 Travel apps: Makemytrip Explore, iXiGo, Yatra

Windows Phone 8 Apps: Traveler

And just when both of you are beginning to get that icky feeling that the day is drawing to a close, surprise her with the news of a romantic getaway all planned and booked using the GoIbibo, Makemytrip, Explore and iXiGo travel apps on Windows 8 .

Microsoft has also apps for happy singles to celebrate this day with numerous ways like

Windows 8 Shopping Apps:  Zovi, cBaazaar and  Windows Phone 8: Timesdeal for shopping, Windows 8 Food Apps: Sweet & Spicy, Tarla Dalal &Windows Phone 8 App: Allrecipes, for delicious recipes, Windows 8 Games Apps: Snakes & Ladders, Community Helpers, Nursery Rhymes, for playing and teaching.

Enjoy this memorable day with various solutions by Microsoft. Happy Valentine Day!


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