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Even First Citizen Of India Is Not Taint Proof – Where Are We Heading?

It is season of scandals and scams in India. Unfortunately, majority of the institutions in India have caught the viral of corruption. Our most respectable institution of  army, which is responsible to keep our borders protected and to fight with enemies is unfortunately fighting among themselves and its generals have declared war against each other for ulterior motives. Majority of retired senior army officers have unfortunately become lobbyists for foreign companies dealing in arms and ammunitions, which is not healthy trend.

Our President of the country, who is also supreme commander of the army, should not give any opportunity to raise finger at his/her integrity. But as per an RTI disclosure, President Pratibha Patil has been allotted defence land, the size of which is six times more than she is eligible for, in Pune to construct a bungalow. The President has been allotted 2,61,00 sq ft of defence land in the Khadki cantonment area. Former defence personnel have protested this alleging that there is insufficient land for defence personnel and their families. RTI further reveals that that the President is eligible to only 4500 sq ft of a government bungalow or a 2000 sq ft bungalow hired by the government. The President cannot construct on the government land. The protestors allege that she is building a bungalow on the allotted plot.

Earlier, our President’s son was in the news for wrong reasons. In the municipal elections, her son was caught carrying huge sums of unaccounted money and how this case was buried under the carpet, is anybody’s imagination. What will happen to this country when the holder of the highest post in the country has scant regards for the law of the land or damn care about integrity.

What should a common man do after reading these news?

Should he break his head or wait for some revolutionary to arrive on the scene and change the system. Anna Hazare tried his level best but failed miserably. We need young, enthusiastic and dynamic leader to take the cudgels on behalf of the common man to root out corruption from the system, which has spread like cancer. Only then we can have some hope for this country otherwise only supernatural power can save this country!

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