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Experience Galaxy S III UI With Galaxy S3 GO Launcher EX Theme

Samsung recently launched Galaxy S III with pumped up specs, powerful processor, better design, hefty RAM, etc etc. Amongst all these noticeable changes are some minute addon’s in form of revved up touch viz. Unfortunately, existing Galaxy S series (read S II) won’t be able to experience the new UI.

However, courtesy a GO Launcher theme designer UI Designers has replicated the Galaxy S III UI and come up with a Galaxy S3 Go Launcher EX theme. The theme tries to mimic almost all the features of Galaxy S III UI including phone colors, style, UI (icons, etc). And needless to say it requires GO Launcher installed in your android device.

Galaxy S3 Go Launcher EX Theme is nice little android app to give your device a Galaxy S III makeover. However unfortunately it install ever irritating airpush which can give you a notification bar headache at times.

I’d say give it  test, install it, use it, get the feel and get rid of it. Moreover, Galaxy S3 GO Launcher EX Theme is available for free in Google Play Store so there’s no harm in giving it a shot 🙂


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