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Facebook For Every Phone: Mobile Application For All The Phones In The World!

Facebook, hugely popular social networking website, has an interactive mobile website for getting its users hooked up to addictive platform. However the website has its own set of limitations and every other feature/function of Facebook cannot be cramped into mobile web version. For this reason, it has come up with a dedicated mobile applications for, well, virtually every mobile phone in this world!

Facebook for Every Phone is a pint sized java based application available for all the phones capable of running java (J2ME) applications, which I think almost every low-end (Smartphones too! Seriously? ;)) mobile phone will be able to do. Although smartphone users can opt for better Facebook clients viz. Gravity, Borg, etc but Facebook app, developed by geeks at Facebook, provides a good experience as well.

With a small installation size of just under 150 KB, Facebook for Every Phone publishes updates directly to your Facebook account without making use of any 3rd party service and such updates will show “Facebook For Every Phone” next to them. Facebook for Every Phone allows you to:

  • Browse through news feed,
  • View Inbox,
  • Accept/Reject Requests (friendship, event, etc),
  • View Notifications, Upcoming Events, Photos, Friends, Profile,
  • Find Friends and send them friend request,
  • Make a generic search on Facebook from application itself.

Some of the functions mentioned above viz. Accepting friend requests, find friends are some of the features that are unique to this application. Hence a certain advantage for using Facebook for Every Phone mobile Application over and above other 3rd party apps. In terms of customization, this app lags. Not many options are provided besides changing the font size, language, show news time/comment time although not many are needed as it is pre-configured with optimal settings.

Facebook for Every Phone app is available for free and can be downloaded by visiting: http://d.facebook.com/install from your mobile’s default web browser.


  1. my phone is also a nokia 2700 c, a several times i reinstall but the message will always ” we are sorry. But it seems like ur divice is not configure properly for this application.” is there any solution of this for my phone?

  2. I have nokia 2700c mobile phone. I have downloaded facebook mobile app. but when i installed it. It has installed. Though the sign in window has show on my mobile phone screen but after this a massage shown on my phone display, ” we are sorry. But it seems like ur divice is not configure properly for this application.” . Means it is not working properly on my mobile phone.(nokia 2700c). . Plz Give me any solution on my id-


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