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iBall Piano 423, Compact USB Hub With 4 Ports (Product Review)

This is my first ever hardware review of a computer related product. Though I never thought of reviewing one until recently when I purchased Piano 423 an iBall USB Hub. This small and extremely portable Hub got my attention when I was looking for a solution to bring forth usb connections near the keyboard instead of reaching out for the cabinet each time I needed to plugin a device.

iBall’s Piano 423 also had wire length way more than what Belkin’s USB Hub had, another reason for favoring iBall over Belkin. Before starting with the review read some of it’s technical specification (for the geeks!):

  • Has 4 USB ports,
  • USB 2.0. and backward compatible with USB 1.1,
  • Automatic USB protocol handling,
  • Self USB Powered (A Port for optional 2.5AMP Adapter is present on backside),
  • Real Plug-n-play and hot plugged device,
  • Maximum Data Transfer Rate of 480 MBps (in totality),
  • Comes with 1 Year (None for damage to wire)

Moving on the review, what I think of this device. For this I’ll be dividing it into sections for your convenience. So read on!

Price Factor

The first thing a person looks for is price of the product and that’s because almost everything has got a cheaper alternative available. In this case all the branded Hub’s were in the range of Rs. 600-400 i.e Belkin, iBall, etc. iBall Piano 423 costed me Rs. 450 but you can buy it at a much less rate on online portals, somewhere around Rs. 350. A 4 port USB hub with a wire of approx 1 meter and something to make your life easy, I’d say this is the right price!

Product Design

Piano 423 is essential a product for Laptop’s aimed at being portable for those on the move. Its sleek, light weight and small enough to fit in your pocket easily. Biscuit shaped hub makes it easy to place it anywhere on your computer table or near laptop without worrying about vacating extra space. It has 4 USB ports, one of which is placed on top of the hub (weird position!?) and the other 3 on the front face. It also has strong rubber foot pad, which makes it stay where you put it! In short compact, travel friendly design.


The most important aspect. As I mentioned above, iBall Piano 423 supports a maximum of 480 MBps data transfer rate, divided into 4 ports, which is way more than the maximum transfer rate an average laptop or home computer can achieve. Moreover data transfer rate is dependent on the connection usb device hence this 2 way dependence rarely makes use of the maximum available transfer rate of Piano 423. But a device with good stat nonetheless!

Piano 423 comes with 4 USB ports out of which 1 USB port is placed above (see above screenshot), now this might look weird but it has been stuck out for you to make it easily accessible. Although I am more concerned about dust gathering on/around it rather than using it frequently 😉

Talking about connecting with computer, well no extra software installation is required nor any adpater is required for power supply (integrated). Just plugin the USB Hub’s usb in whichever usb slot you wish to connect with, Windows/MacOS will automatically detect it as “Generic USB Hub” and you are all set to connect trillions of usb devices you’ve got!!

Final Say

After reading the review and what this small USB Hub has to offer, I think you know what my recommendation will be. I say if you need a USB Hub for home computer or Laptop buy this one! It’s worth the money spent and comes with a 1 year warranty.

In case you’ve got any related query then drop in your comment below. I’ll be happy to help 🙂


  1. i can not connect piano 423 usb 2.0 hub to my computer. When i connect sound is there but it does not show in the PC . So I can not use it. Please help.

  2. Sir,
    I have purchased 5Volt , 2.5 amp adapter for iball piano 423 usb hub And I Want to know that after plugging in, the lead of adapter in USB Hub , How do I come to know that Hub is getting required current from adapter or from motherboard? Because Hub is working after plugging in lead in usb hub without switching on the power of adapter? And it seems that optional port of hub for 5volt power is not functioning and internally it is not connected .
    With regard.
    Bhanu Pratap Munjal

  3. I am not sure what it really does. Moreover, the packaging didn’t have any kind of adapter/socket that fits into it. So, really no idea what it does 🙂

  4. Hi!

    Nice Review!
    I got One Too. Is there any Idea There is a power Adapter Holder at the Back, How we should use it and what is the adapter for that. In my Idea it is for charging USB Drivers Kindly Explain those Please


    C. Lakshmi Kaanthen

  5. hi thanks for your review. Can you please tell me that whether an infrared dongle or Bluetooth dongle for wireless keyboard Mouse will work with this hub or not ? I am somehow confused about it coz I dunno if dongle derives power or not . waiting for your reply.. thanks 🙂

  6. Hey Paritosh,
    I m plannin to buy this soon. So, I wish to get some doubts clarified.
    Will this hub run my external usb mouse n keyboard????
    Let me know soon..

  7. The HUB will not be able to meet power output demands. As a matter of fact, it failed to run my portable hdd. So, you’d better stay away from it if the device you are planning to connect derives power from USB.

  8. i am interested in buying Iball piano 423 USB Hub . I want to get some doubts clarified .I want to use my USB idea 3G Huwaei E1550 modem on it . will i need external power supply from power adapter. what is the input output power specifications of power adapter compatible with this product. Also what is the length of wire in meter’s . getting it at rs360 homeshop18 is it best price for it?

  9. i am interested in buying Iball piano 423 USB Hub . I want to get some doubts clarified .I want to use my USB idea 3G Huwaei E1550 modem on it . will i need external power supply from power adapter. what is the input output power specifications of power adapter compatible with this product. Also what is the length of wire in meter’s .

  10. I agree on the cap part.
    btw I bought it from a shop, not online

    Mine is Piano423, same as urs…MRP599, bought in 325..

  11. Putting a tape on top port is a good idea but it would have been better if iBall had provided a small detachable cap with it. Cover the port(s) with cap if don’t intend to use them!

    And the price I paid was actually way more than what some online store were selling it for. But again, I bought this in an emergency situation so can’t really complain 🙂

  12. Good review.
    I also bought an iball 1 month back. Yet to use it. But plan to put in to use tomorrow.

    I would basically be connecting my ext HDD to it.

    For ur concern on the top port, either put a tape or plug a USB device so that the dirt doesn’t sits in there.

    I paid Rs325, so looks like you paid a lot more.
    Will check my exact model & post again.

    Thanks, Grr


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