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Faithful Husbands (Cricketers) Did Not Perform In Sydney – India Lose Sydney Test & Series

I had predicted on the first day of the Sydney test match that India is going to loose this match by an inning, going by their dismal performances overseas  in recent times. The tag of poor travellers is continuing to haunt Team India.

They will have to bear the taunts of media and their fans, who will vent their anger by calling them paper tigers, spineless, kings of flat tracks and old horses etc.

I do not feel like reading about foolish tweets and comments of persons like Poonam Pandey, who make money by showing their assets. But, for the first time, she has tweeted correctly that our cricketers are like faithful husbands, who perform at home only. Our cricketers have probably forgotten how to perform overseas or probably they are old enough or suffering from some illness to do so?

What has gone wrong with our world-class and technically sound batsmen? It is high time they are treated by a psychologist, who can understand the reasons for their sorry state of affairs. They lack in confidence and their morale is at the lowest ebb.

On the same pitch, Aussies batsmen have scored tripple and two centuries and none of our batsmen could withstand the onslaughts of  opposition’s battery of pacers. If our bowlers Ashwin and Zaheer Khan can score 62 and 35 runs, then what is wrong with Sehwag, Dravid and Kohli, who have failed in all the innings except Dravid, who have scored in one inning. And Mr. Kohli, it is easy to show a finger to the spectators but require skill and determination to bat on fast tracks. Your batting should speak for  you and not your finger.

Poonam Pandey will be very happy if our burly coach Duncan Fletcher gives Viagra to our batsmen when they go for batting in the third test in Perth so that they can perform. Australians must know that our batsmen are still capable of performing.

Good luck to Team India for their third outing in Perth on 13th January! Hope this time, they will do it!

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