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Final Assault By Nokia Begins To Promote Its Windows Based Lumia Smartphones

As reported by us earlier, Nokia is not aggressive as far as creating hype about its newly launched Windows based Lumia smartphone in India and there was not much advertising thrust to push its new products. Probably, they have listened to this criticism or were slow on this account.

Now we understand that Nokia has launched an advertising and marketing blitz to push sales of its Windows operating system based Nokia Lumia smartphone’s.

“This will be the biggest advertising and marketing blitz that Nokia India has launched for any product so far. Its called Amazing Everyday, and very soon you will see Jet Airways aircraft painted and branded with Nokia Lumia colours.”We will also do the same with cars, taxis and buses”, Nokia India Western Regional General Manager Prashanth Mani told reporters in Mumbai.

Nokia plans to target young people between 22 years and 24 years for its Lumia smartphones. “We intend to target young working people, who are in their very first jobs. Our marketing campaign is intended to target young people”, he said. “Besides this, we have also trained 12,500 people all over the country to provide assistance to consumers. We are also working with 1,000 developers across India to develop smartphone applications using the Microsoft Windows Mango 7.5 platform”, Mani said. He added that Nokia India is working closely with telecom operators for 3G data tariff packages to be bundled along with its Lumia smartphone’s.

This is the last chance for Nokia to regain its lost ground as Android smartphones especially by Samsung have taken the lead in India and if Nokia has to increase its market share then it will have to become very aggressive to reconnect themselves with Indian consumers. Nokia has got good hardware and good software platform of Microsoft and there is no reason that they will not be successful in India.

It is testing time for Nokia to showcase now their marketing skills. As they, everything is fair in love and war and if going by report appearing in Daily Mail of UK, Microsoft is offering  free Windows Phones to people who moan about Android on Twitter and most probably this phone is Lumia 800. Nokia will have to adopt some unique strategies to push sales of its devices in India.

May be in coming days, we will come across some freebies and contests during Christmas!


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