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Ford Announces Winners Of Its Innovate Mobility Challenge Series

Ford has announced the latest winners in its Innovate Mobility Challenge series, a key part of Ford Smart Mobility – the first widespread implementation of the company’s long-term plan for sustainable mobility solutions, as announced by the company in its press release.

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The series is comprised of 11 global challenges in which Ford invited developers to come up with innovative solutions to mobility problems around the world. Challenges included delivering healthcare solutions in Tamil Nadu, providing real-time information to improve transportation during Monsoons in Mumbai, decrease time taken to get help after a traumatic incident in Delhi, busting traffic congestion in some of China’s most densely populated cities, and improving the delivery of goods and services in Portugal, adds the statement.

Details of the winners of India-specific challenges are as follows:

  • Mumbai, India: With an often-crippling monsoon season that can leave commuters stranded, the Monsoon App Downpour challenge focused on leveraging vehicles and real-time information to improve transportation during inclement weather. Mumbai Monsoon Helper is developed by Khyati Majumdar from India. This Grand Prize winner combines such features as real-time weather and forecasts, information on the severity of flooding throughout Mumbai, and crowd-sourced information about conditions into a mobile app that can help commuters make smart decisions.
  • Delhi, India: SUMURR Golden Hour invited developers to create applications that can decrease time-to-care within the critical Golden Hour after a traumatic incident. Flare is developed by Utsav Shah from India. This Grand Prize winner is an app that creates an opportunity for volunteers in the community to help others in times of need, while simultaneously working with Delhi authorities to improve medical outcomes.
  • Tamil Nadu, India: The SUMURR mHealth challenge focused on using information to improve the delivery of health services to remote regions accessible from Chennai. SimPrints Solutions for Community Health Workers is developed by Tristram Norman from the United Kingdom. This Grand Prize and Special Jury Prize winner connects healthcare workers to patient medical records with a fingerprint – enabling more informed decision making and improving medical outcomes.

The challenges span the globe, from The Americas to China, Africa, Europe, Australia and India. Prizes exceeding $200,000 (U.S.) will be awarded – as well as scholarships for entrepreneurial education in Argentina.

For each challenge, Ford worked with local experts to address the unique mobility needs of that location. Once the submissions came in, a panel of local experts and Ford executives involved in mobility solutions judged each competition.


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