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Samsung S Charger Pad – A Subtle Qi Enabled Wireless Charging Pad

With the advent of wireless charging, a number of charging plates, charging pads have made way into the market. Some destined to work with limited number of devices whereas some some certain standards of wireless charging. Qi wireless charging standard is one such standard which is being readily adopted by handset manufacturers. Needless to say, charging pads supporting such standards are also being pushed out. Samsung S Charger Pad is one such wireless charging pad supporting Qi enabled products.


Starting with the contents of packaging, not much came with the unit, just the S Charger Pad itself. There wasn’t even a supporting USB cable present let along a power cord. The base of charging pad has a leather finish to it whereas the edges sport a chrome finish which does indeed look attractive and gives a premium finish to product. One thing to note here is that unlike the nexus charger, there isn’t any rubberized corner in order to keep the phone from slipping. The bottom of pad is rubberized thus ensuring that the pad itself doesn’t slip or move around when placed on a flat surface.


On one of the sidelines is present a LED notification light and on another is a micro USB port (for power input). The nifty LED notification light indicates the charging status and the quality of power source (reflecting charging speed). It promptly indicates,

  • When the device is not charging properly (flashing orange),
  • When device is charging properly (solid green),
  • When using power source under 2 Amp (flashing green)

With respect to usage of S Charger Pad, the official description states that it is compatible with Samsung devices however being a Qi compliant device, it works with all the phones which support the very same standard. I had no problem using it with Nexus 5 or Moto 360! I also noticed that the charging pad worked when I had the hard case on for Nexus 5, however switching over to an even thicker case (Spigen) resulted in phone not getting charged. So keep in mind, the inductive charging works to a certain extent.

In terms of build quality, the charging pad in itself feels sturdy. Available for $46.99 (USD) the price is a bit steep and you can certainly get similar charging pads for much less. However, with Samsung S Charger Pad you know you are investing in something which will last long. The price delivers a premium build quality and assurance of serving you well.

You can buy Samsung S Charger Pad from MobileFun directly by visiting the product page – Official Samsung Wireless Charging Pad (Black)



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