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Freecharge Will Free You From Tensions Of New Currrency

With the withdrawal of currency notes of 500 and 1000 by Government of India on 8th November, the country is witnessing huge queues in front of banks and ATMs to withdraw money which is currently in short supply. In such scenario, those familiar with online payments via digital wallets are feeling relaxed and are using them more now to meet their daily day to day needs and services. One such popular and fast emerging e-wallet in the country is Freecharge. With Freecharge, you can pay for host of services and also transfer money to your dear ones.

Freecharge is very easy to operate, very simple to download as it has a very neat UI and is contained in approximately 7MB file which takes few seconds to download on your smart device. Once you install it from the PlayStore of Google, Apple or Windows, you can sign in with your email id or by your mobile number and your password for future transactions. This process of signing is very simple and will take less than a minute to complete.

Once you have signed in, the app takes you to the world of various services available on this app. With the help of Freecharge, you can pay for electricity, mobile, broadband, gas bills and can also buy metro tickets and do shopping etc. Besides this, this app enables you to pay or send money, add money to your wallet for payments and split bills for payments and donate to various NGOs registered with Freecharge.

The UI of this app is so simple that you can perform all the functions of adding money, sending money or any other transactions in few seconds whether you are sitting in your office or home or moving.

To start with, you can easily add money to your Freecharge wallet by pressing the icon Add money and you will be prompted to get money using your credit/debit card or via net banking. After filling the details, the money will come to your wallet instantly. Similarly, you can transfer the money to your contacts in few seconds and you are prompted to the actions to be taken. This app works so fast that you will feel like using it again and again.

The other highlight of this app is that it has feature of Split Bill which means that if you are partying or watching movies with your friends then you can split the bill among yourselves and pay to the merchants your share of the bill to save the hassle of collecting payment from each of your friends later.

With Chat & Pay feature available on this app, you can perform monetary transactions of sending money to your friends and dear ones in simple process which can be completed in few seconds. This feature is quite handy when you realise during the course of chatting with your friends that you owe him/her something or you get any faint hint about the same. This will save you from any sort of embarrassment.

This app also works like your secretary for timely payments of all your bills. When you make payment of any utility services, you can opt for Bill Reminders option for paying your bills on time. You will be notified in two days advance for paying your bills which are due so that you can pay well before the expiry date to save you from paying fines for not paying in time. This app also has the option of Speed payments which means that once you pay any utility bill say electricity bill, it will store your K number and when you pay next time, you need not fill in all the details as it will recall your details and prompt you to next action for completing your transaction. It is not only smart but fast also!

The other advantage of using Freecharge app is that you get cashback on few utility bills for making payment via free charge. For instance, nowadays, Freecharge is offering 10% cashback on prepaid recharges, Rs. 50 cashback on payment of electricity bills and 25% cashback on Swiggy, foodpanda and Zomato to name a few. Besides this, as per Govt. of India’s notification, you will also get rebate for buying fuel, paying tolls tax on highways and free accident insurance cover worth Rs. 10 lakh for buying rail tickets via Freecharge.

Besides above features, this app also gives you an opportunity to do shopping at an attractive offers which are so tempting that you can’t ignore them. This app is the need of the hour and it has wider acceptability now at various locations throughout the country. Freecharge is accepted at all petrol pumps, leading e-commerce sites and at IRCTS and other merchants’ locations.

If you do not have cash in your pocket then don’t worry, Freecharge will work like your hard cash and to know more, click here: http://frch.in/SM


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