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Galaxy S7 edge – Water Proofing, Fingerprint Features & Camera Quality Are Excellent


We have been using Galaxy S7 edge for one week which was launched by Samsung recently in India. In this article, we shall dwell upon three features – Fingerprint sensor, Water Proofing and camera quality.

The fingerprint sensor on Galaxy S7 edge has been provided on the home button in the front. It is very simple procedure to set the fingerprint sensor and you can register any finger of your hand to unlock the phone. The highlight of the fingerprint sensor is that it is very fast and recognises your registered finger immediately the same is tapped on it. To test its competence, I have been unlocking the phone with my registered right hand thumb on this phone several times in the day and this feature has not disappointed me even once.

The Galaxy 7 edge is water proof and dust proof device with IP 68 certification. To test the company’s claim, we have tested this phone by dipping this phone in a bowl of water and kept the phone there for more than a minute. After taking out the phone from the water, we started the phone and it worked perfectly alright and since then we have been using it without any lag or problem.

We are appending below one video published by us showing above features.

The Galaxy S7 edge comes with a 12MP dual pixel f/1.7 rear camera with smart OIS and a 5MP(F1.7) selfie shooter. We have captured few images with its rear camera without using any filter and the output is very impressive. You can see for your yourself the details, contrast and actual reproduction of colors. Becuase of compression to publish these images in the article, the images may not look as good as they actually are:








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