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GOQii Introduces Exciting Features To Its Fitness Band


GOQii has announced today it has introduced a range of new and exciting features to its fitness band. The GOQii ecosystem offers a unique combination of wearable technology and coaching counsel. The new features added are as follows:

· Superior battery life ranging from 10 – 12 days

· Enhanced aesthetics with a sleeker & slimmer design

· Currently available in three colours Persistent Red+ Black and Power Black in a unisex size

· A new metal lock offering a firm fit

· Special laser engraving further adding to the aesthetics of the band

GOQii works on a unique and innovative coach marketplace model and the users can take guidance from a coach based anywhere in India or abroad. GOQii plans to bring on board 1000 coaches by the end of the year. GOQii offers its coaches an opportunity to work on a revenue sharing and engagement model making considerable amounts of additional income using the GOQii platform.

Following is the subscription fee charged by GOQii for availing its coaching services:

Rs 3999/- for 3 months
Rs 6999/- for 6 months
Rs 11,999/- for 11 months


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