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GPRS Hack For Reliance Mobile (December)

Some time back i wrote a post on GPRS Trick For Reliance Mobile. The post got a mixed response, it worked for some and didn’t for other’s. You can too try the previous hack by visiting the following link :

GPRS Trick For Reliance Mobile

In this post i am going to share a similar kind of hack for Reliance mobile. And as i said in previous post i CANNOT assure you that this ‘Hack’ will work. NO ASSURANCES are there.

Data Connection Settings

In order to apply the hack you need to follow the below mentioned steps and configure your data-connection settings as follows on your cellphones :-

APN – rcomwap
Proxy –
Port – 8080
Home Page – http://www.ournifty.com

Let us know if you were able to get this hack working or have any other related query.


  1. hey i know docomo free gprs trick.
    it is hack only china mobiles. at first you get setting by cusmercare (dive in)then u go to setting and chage homepage to google then change http to wap.then save it &u try net it can download only 250kb things brauwsing free download small things.


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