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Grooveshark: Stream/Download Music On Your Mobile Via GPRS/EDGE/3G (Application)

Mobile phone’s these days are expected to perform all the functions including acting as a dedicated music player. There are 2 ways in which you can listen songs on your mobile phone i.e By storing them on memory card or streaming online using some dedicated mobile application. You must be using using the first method on regular basis, in-fact majority of mobile phone users do so. However, what you aren’t aware of is the fact that streaming music directly on your mobile phone as done on computers is possible as well!

Grooveshark is one such mobile application that allows you to stream music directly on your mobile phone just by installing their application (None of those O2 contracts have this facility!). I, being a music freak and a heavy mobile phone user, gave this application a try and was very impressed by its usefulness! Read the review to know why:

Grooveshark Review

The installation size was just under 1 MB (on Nokia 5230) and only the core application was installed. When starting Grooveshark mobile application for the first time you will be asked to enter Grooveshark web account credentials in-order to synchronize your

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list of favourites, playlists, etc. The user interface of Grooveshark is pretty basic nothing extraordinary, all the necessary features have been nicely arranged and shown in form of tab’s on top of the screen. The homepage or the first screen that appears when you open the application allows you to search for songs/albums/artists/genre and search results are displayed there. There are a total of 4 tabs, home-screen/search being the 1st one, the 2nd tab (from the left) shows all the ‘favourite‘ songs which are synchronized with your online account. The middle tab or the 3rd one (from the left) shows all the playlists you have created or want to create. The 4th tab displays all the songs that are in your current playing list (unsaved). The last tab displays the Current song you are listening to along with it’s album art.

In order to play any song all you need to do is double tap (or click) on the song and from the song menu select “Play Now“. The song menu also allows you to add that song to your favourites, add to current playing list and download it for offline listening! Regarding the application configuration, Grooveshark doesn’t really have many settings to alter apart from choosing the Internet connecting source, Shuffle, Offline Mode (pretty much useless) and Song Bit-rate. Although these are the only settings you could possibly need in a online song player for your mobile however, it would have been great if Grooveshark:

  • Allowed me choose the exact bit-rate i.e 64, 96 or 128 kbps (great for Gprs/Edge users).
  • Current playing song as shown in Grooveshark

    Display lyrics while playing song.

  • Show ads and make it as a free mobile audio streaming application instead of charging $ 3 per month (yeah, it’s paid).

Grooveshark is a paid service costing $ 3 per month. However, the mobile application can be downloaded and used (for 50 songs) for free. Grooveshark is available for Nokia, Blackberry, Android and Palm OS. The latest version of Grooveshark mobile application can be downloaded by visiting Grooveshark web from desktop browser or directly from mobile by visiting http://listen.grooveshark.com/


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