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PavoMe: Twitter Mobile Application For Sharing Audio, Video and Image Tweets

In one of my earlier article’s i compared 2 very popular mobile twitter clients (applications) viz. Snaptu and Gravity. The reason for that comparison was that most of the JAVA and Symbian running mobile phone owners prefer Snaptu or Gravity. However, besides these 2 there are many more applications that allow you to tweet from your cell phone with minimum efforts. PavoMe is one of the many apps that intend on doing so. I came to know about PavoMe through one of my follower on twitter and curiosity to try a new twitter app led me to install the application soon after! Here’s my take on PavoMe:

PavoMe Review

PavoMe is a java application with installation size of 390 KB (installed on Nokia 5230). The home-screen of PavoMe shows your timeline with automatic updates. In order to reply, retweet or send a direct message to anyone you need to double tap (or double click) on that particular tweet. At the bottom of the screen there is an “Action” button in between that has 5 options viz. Go to the top (really useful), Compose a tweet, Capture and tweet an image, View Tabs (Reply, Direct Message, favourites, search, etc) and Settings Page. All these are nice shown however there are no captions and for a new users it becomes a bit difficult to navigate through the application. On the either side of “Action” button there are arrows on left and right hand side of the screen that show different tabs (Reply, Direct Messages, etc). In terms of editing the settings, PavoMe really fails, other than some basic settings like, Showing new tweets at top or bottom, photo sharing service, enable/disable profile picture, vibration settings and font size there isn’t much to edit. Moreover, showing tweets at top or bottom, animation shown when new tweets arrive are not required at all!

PavoMe though allows you to share videos, audio and pictures on twitter but these 3 function come at the cost of a very immature application that is miles behind its competitors Snaptu, Tweet60 or Gravity (No comparison). PavoMe lacks a lot of features and function, some of them being:

  • Ability to adjust update interval,
  • Better Navigation,
  • Too much white screen space can be optimised or avoided,
  • Sound alert instead of vibration (or in addition to),
  • The home-screen breaks when rotating from Portrait to landscape mode or vice-versa.

This being said, i believe it can be a nice twitter mobile application for mobile phone running on Java and might give competition to Snaptu if the above mentioned feature’s are incorporated along with UI improvements. PavoMe is available for free of cost and the latest version can be downloaded from here.


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