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Hancom ThinkFree Mobile App – Android Edition – Available On HCL Tablets

Hancom,Inc. has announced its tie up with HCL Infosystems Ltd., to extend Hancom’s ThinkFree Mobile – Android edition – on HCL Tablets. The latest version of ‘ThinkFree Mobile’ app has been embedded in ‘HCL ME U1’ – HCL Infosystem’s recently launched range of Tablet PCs, available for Rs.7999. In the past also, HCL’s android tablets have had ‘ThinkFree Mobile’ as their standard app.

Hancom’s ThinkFree Mobile was introduced for the first time in HCL’s X1Tablet. The device and the application have been received very well by customers and both companies plan to take it to emerging markets also.

With this opportunity to export ThinkFree Mobile to HCL, Hancom plans to boost its projects through partnerships with other digital device manufacturers and telecommunication companies from different Asian countries. Hancom is also looking to expand its export market by introducing Hancom’s various office solutions including clouding solutions.

Hancom, Inc was established in 1990 and has successfully maintained its position as the leading software company  in Korea Since 1996. Hancom, Inc. started with Hangul (Korean) word processor for PC and provides Hancom Office Suite and ThinkFree Office product family including ThinkFree Mobile Office, ThinkFree Server, ThinkFree Office, and ThinkFree Office. Currently, Hancom is making outstanding profit for 9 consecutive years since year of 2003 with 300 employees with more than 200R&D and specialized software development engineers. Hancom plans to penetrate the global productivity solution market by providing a new Hancom Office Suite, enhanced cloud based office solution, ThinkFree Server, andAndroid OS based mobile application that delivers document viewing, editing,and saving from wherever you go, ThinkFree Mobile.



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