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Belkin Verve Folio Case For iPad 3 – Elegant And Affordable [Review]

Apple iPad 3 owners have numerous choices when it comes to casing. Different styles, colors, designs, you name it, the market has got it. But there are few ipad cases which serve the “value for money” mantra. Belkin Verve Folio Case is one such case for new iPad which serves the basic purpose and is affordable.

Without much of blabber, I will start with my review of Belkin Verve Folio Case.

It’s a case so but obviously all that matters is look and feel. You are paying for part appearance and part usability of iPad cover. Folio case looks like a folder wrapping up the iPad. Swipe you hand across the outer surface of the case and you’ll feel a coarse material construction. The good thing about this is that it doesn’t retain hand impressions and hence gives a “always clean” look. The bad part is it sort of looks dull. The same thing applies for bottom surface too.

In terms of branding or design, not much has been put on display apart from Belkin’s logo on bottom right on front and it’s name engraved on rear (bottom left). Looks neat and clean. This simplistic approach may appeal to some and might be a turn off for those looking for something designer to show off.

One important thing that Belkin Verve Folio Case comes with is an elastic strap which keeps the cover of case tightly sealed, negating the chances of flap opening up by mistake. Now, to some this might be cumbersome since use of magnet would have been more convenient but if you talk about risk free carrying then Folio Case does a great job!

Onto the cut outs and fitting part. To begin with I used Folio Case for the new iPad (iPad 3) and it encased it just perfectly. Not lagging spaces, no additional efforts needed to fit it in. The case holds iPad with 4 leather border locks. At first I thought the seal might not be good enough but I was wrong. Not once has my iPad deviated from it’s position. To add to this, the original look and feel of iPad is retained since only the corners are being used to hold the iPad and not entire border region which is usually the case for most of the brands.

For the cut outs, it has one for camera region (which could have been a tad bit smaller sphere). No open outlet for speaker region but that’s understandable due to the low placement of speaker on iPad itself. The USB connector, ear phone jack, lock switch, volume rocker all being on sidelines are easily accessible since Folio Case doesn’t provide cover for sidelines.

A word on inner lining. The moment I opened the case first time, the inner lining was the first thing I noticed. Unsure about the material used but it certainly appeals to the eyes on appearance side and feels soft and comfortable when holding the iPad. All the ingredients required for treating the screen of your iPad well 🙂

Belkin Verve Folio Case is as I mentioned in the beginning a value for money product. If you are not planning to spend too much on iPad Case then go ahead and buy Folio Case. It is available for £24.99 on Mobilefun.co.uk – Buy Belkin Verve Folio Case for iPad 3


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