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Have A Good Night’s Sleep With Sleep Machine Thunderstorm, Application For Nokia

People try different things to make themselves sleep at night, sleeping pills, soothing music, dark rooms, sound proofing, etc. Some like the sound of bursting clouds and other might prefer sound or rain drops. Sleep Machine Thunderstorm is one such mobile application which allows or I should say helps you to sleep by producing sounds of thunderstorms and heavy rains.

Sleep Machine Thunderstorm, product of picoBrothers is a QT based app is a basic utility app which comes with a bundled timer allowing you to set the counter after which the application will stop producing sounds of distant thunderstorm and rains.

I have used Sleep Machine (Help) Thunderstorm for quite some time and I must admit it did help me relax if not sleep while travelling. The effectiveness of this app increases many folds when used with in-earphones instead of listening to the sounds of thunderstorms on speaker.

Sleep Machine Thunderstorm is available for Nokia phone’s running S60v5 (Symbian^1) & Symbian^3. It costs Rs. 25 (approx 0.50$) and can be downloaded directly from OVI Store.


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