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Hike Introduces Funny Stickers For 2014 General Elections

Hike messenger, the  free messaging app, has launched a special sticker pack for the ongoing General Elections 2014, the voting for which has begun today. The pack includes stickers for Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal and other. Since everybody is busy with elections frenzy especially the youth which is now more vocal about opinions than ever before, these stickers will add more excitement to their political chit-chats with a little bit of fun and humor.

Political StickersNowadays, all the political partties are using the social platforms to share their views and policies with the youth who are tuned always to these platforms all the time. The social platforms are the ideal mode to get connected with the majority of the youth of today and their votes would be very crucial for any political party to form the government at the center. Hike understands the mood  of the youth and in this elections season, is promoting the concept of ‘co-building’ with its users and has built its product and features keeping a close eye on their feedback and demands. The new political sticker pack has also been introduced on the basis of a heavy demand from hike users who are excited about the General Elections.

According to Hike, to get a deeper insight into the minds of youth of the nation (under the age of 25 years), they have come up with some interesting finding via survey, that clearly indicates a lot of optimism about the country and elections. The survey findings are :

  • Affinity to Vote: More than 70% young respondents are excited about voting – a clear sign of the changing wind.
  • Patriotism on the rise: Growing sense of patriotism is clearly reflected in the fact that nearly 65% would rather settle in India than move to a new county
  • Youth, the drivers of change: Another heartening trend of the growing sense of responsibility towards nation comes through with 90% of youth wishing to play a key role in shaping the future of India
  • The optimistic youth: With 43% respondents believed that India can provide them a good future – the growing optimism.

Hike free messaging app is available globally on iOS, Android, Blackberry, WP, S40 and S60.

We urge our readers to cast their votes positively on the appointed day and select a good political party, who can lead the nation in positive way, provide good governance and take the country to new heights.


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