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Hike Messenger App Has Quirky Stickers, Privacy & Offline Messaging Features



Hike messenger app, which has over 35 million registered users, is constantly innovating ways to communicate, and is one of those applications that is moving away from the traditional text messaging to customizing the application for the youth. Studies show that 63% of 18-34 year olds surveyed are active mobile application users.


To cater to the tastes of the youth audience, Hike Messsenger app comes with youth-centric features for having fun while texting to their friends and relatives. Hike messenger can help you have conversations filled with vibrant and quirky stickers. The stickes will convey the message and no need to write text message. This app  give new colors to your text- less communications.

“Stickers are great, when you don’t have time to type an entire message or if you don’t want sound too rude”, said a user of Hike Messenger.

To provide its users the Indian Feel, Hike offers multiple options of “Regional, Bollywood” stickers, which add a little more personalization to your digital conversations.

Hike messenger also boasts of  privacy features like profile picture privacy, hiding last seen status. Also, one of the key privacy features is Hidden Mode, through which one can hide Private Chats and can access them with a password.

An 18 year old girl said, “I love getting clicked and updating my profile picture, but I always had to stop myself because everyone could see my picture. Hike came in as a savior. Through this application I can select my favorite contacts and only they can see my profile picture”.

Hike has also come up with “Offline messaging”. Through this feature, users can communicate without having an active internet connection.

“During exams, I used to exhaust my data pack when I needed it the most, Hike used to come handy during those dire situations, my friends used to save my life by sending me offline messages in hostel” said a 1st Year, Delhi University student. “Hike’s large file transfer is a blessing especially when we share notes, PDFs, ppts etc. and the file size can be up to 100 MB, which is again a plus point.”

Hike messenger also supports 500 member group chats. This feature helps college students to share notes, updates on lectures etc. very easily. Since most of the IM applications have a limit of 100 people, Hike messenger came up with this feature on request of college students, to enhance their experience.


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