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Holiday Inn Express Launches An Online Travel Competition

To attract more business and leisure travelers to its properties, which are known for fresh,clean and uncomplicated stay, Holiday Inn Express has launched an online travel competition which challenges and rewards players based on their travel trivia knowledge. Called the Holiday Inn Express Travel Smart Quiz, players are pitted head to head with competitors from specific countries across Asia, Middle East and Africa in a bid to be crowned the Ultimate Travel Smart Champion.

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This competition is open to residents above the age of 18 in Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, India, United Arab Emirates and South Africa, and  players have the chance to win free nights at Holiday Inn Express properties. Up to 140 nights are up for grabs.

The 12-week competition runs from 19 June to 11 September 2013 and participants must visit www.travelsmartquiz.com to register and play. Once registered, players choose to compete as one of four travel personalities: an Adventurer, Planner, Socialiser or Free Spirit. They then compete in the trivia quiz, by answering as many multiple choice travel trivia questions as possible in one minute.

Participants can re-take the quiz every 24 hours to accumulate points and increase their chances of winning. Players can also challenge Facebook friends to beat their score and view a personalised leaderboard, made up of just friends in their Facebook network.

Weekly prizes will be awarded and, at the end of the 12-week competition, the players with the most points from each travel personality categories will be crowned a Travel Smart Champion. They will receive 200,000 Priority Club Rewards’ points, which is equivalent to approximately 10 night stay at a Holiday Inn Express property. The overall highest scorer of these four category winners also will be named the Ultimate Travel Smart Champion and receive an additional 100,000 Priority Club Rewards’ points, taking their winning prize to the equivalent of approximately a 15 night stay in a Holiday Inn Express hotel.

Prizes are given in the form of Priority Club Rewards points. Winners also are able to use their points to redeem hotel nights at any other InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) property around the world, travel packages, experiences or merchandise, from music and magazines to household goods. Priority Club Rewards is the world’s largest hotel loyalty programme.

Holiday Inn Express was launched in 1991, offering smart travellers a straightforward and efficient hotel experience, whilst allowing them to make the most of their budget. All Holiday Inn Express hotels offer guests free Wi-Fi and a free Express Start or Grab & Go breakfast. It is one of the world’s fastest-growing hotel brands, with 2,208 properties open worldwide and an average of two new hotels opening every week.

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India has one of the biggest Holiday Inn Express pipelines globally with 15 hotels due to open over the next five years. The brand’s first hotel is Holiday Inn Express Ahmedabad, was launched in November 2012.


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