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How To Turn Off Hibernate Feature In Windows 7

This post is for those people who do not use the hibernation feature of their Windows 7 and want to get rid of the system thus saving space equivalent to their ram size. Well to enlighten our readers i would like to tell them the hibernation feature (when active) consumes hard disk space equivalent to the size of the ram e.g if i have 1GB ram in my system then i will be able to successfully free up 1 GB of my disk space.

Here are the steps for turning the feature off and saving their disk space :-

  1. Open up a elevated command prompt (running it as an administrator)CMD
  2. In command prompt type this command                                                                                                                                       powercfg -h offcmd2
  3. Hit the enter key and you are done (Hibernation is gone)
  4. If you want to turn it on someday then type this command in an elevated command prompt                                           powercfg -h oncmd3

To check the result you can see the shut down tab in the start menu (no hibernation), you can also check your C drive’s empty space before and after the process.

P.S :- No difference will be found if the hibernation feature is already deactivated. Besides this there is an another method for the same task but this is easy and best suited. If you require the other method or any queries just drop in a comment.


  1. Sir I recently bought new Dell Inspiron N5520 core i7 8gb ram 1gb internal(Intel) and 1gb external(AMD) graphics card , 1 TB HDD

    I have 2 MAIN ISSUES

    With this specs my my system is slow??
    I’ve installed oracle Xe Database , and other oracle application development framework software’s and Jdevelopr 11 g..

    1>> please tell me when i had not use these software , why my computer is still slow???

    2>> I’ve been facing problem , when I do hibernate , my system go dark and it seems that its processing to hibernate but it takes 30 min or more in processing after it my system shows the welcome screen of login with bigger fonts like before installing graphic drivers.

    when this situation first time appeared , I had do login immediately and surprised that its SAFE MODE , and after login I got AMD Driver Crash report

    I tried many times but problem doesn’t fiX

    So I cant unable to HIBERNATE , and I used to save my work via hibernate so after that incident I have been very less productive … please help me in this regards
    I also tried and Clear my C:Windowsprefech


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