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IDAPT To Introduce 3 Innovative Mobile Phone Accessories At CES

IDAPT, the leading manufacturer of innovative solutions for everyday life, will be presenting three major innovations in the most popular category of mobile phone accessories: power banks, chargers and holder, at the upcoming CES trade show in Las Vegas.

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The IDAPT Modulo is the first modular portable power system that charges multiple devices simultaneously. It’s sleek, light-weight and has a size of a credit card, making it ultra-portable. The Modulo has no main or sub battery, which makes it work as a single Modulo charging any smartphone one time or stack up to 5 Modulos together to charge multiple devices, a tablet or power sharing with friends while on the move.

The IDAPT Modulo will be available in 1 or 3 packs. The packaging will include several colorful skins for personalization and back panel to easily attach the Modulo to your phone and prevent it from hanging. A solar panel module and wireless module will also be available for Modulo. The IDAPT Modulo will be available from $39.99.

IDAPT Wireless Charger i4w is a universal and wireless charging solution that combines 3 charging technologies in one compact station: a wireless platform, Qi or Powermat (PMA), the IDAPT interchangeable tip system and a Turbo Smart USB. It charges up to 4 devices at once as fast as the original manufacturer’s charger. It eliminates cord clutter and is compatible with 5000+ devices, including the latest models of smartphone, tablet, Bluetooth devices, rechargeable batteries, cameras, games consoles, etc.

The IDAPT i4w will be available for $99.99. The packaging includes 5 tips – 2xmicroUSB, miniUSB, iPhone/iPod and Lightning tip.

The IDAPT Universal Holder HUG system is the safest solution to hold any smartphones and tablets, no matter size and shape. It’s designed to be used at home, in the office or in your car. The system has a StickyStrap that hugs on different holders: Desktop, Wall, Car Vent and Car Seat. The StickyStrap technology will hold the device firmly, preventing it from falling or slipping off. It is designed to create a more ergonomic environment, while its rotation feature allows users to enjoy, exploit and (re)discover their device hands-free from a different angle.

The IDAPT HUG will be available from $24.99.

All above products will be available worldwide by end of January 2014.


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