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Lock & Unlock Your Home Using A Smartphone With Danalock

Poly-Control, the Danish manufacturer of home automation solutions, has released the smart lock known as Danalock, which they will be showcasing at CES in Las Vegas. With an introductory price of just $99, the unique smart lock compatible with both Z-Wave and Bluetooth, is the only full-featured wireless home access solution available now at this price point.

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Poly-Control CEO, Henning Overgaard, says his company’s mission is to get the keyless experience out to users who wouldn’t normally install a smart lock due to cost and complexity. Installing Danalock takes a screwdriver (included in the box), 10 minutes, and a download of our app to a smartphone. The smart lock fits onto existing deadbolts and mortise locks anywhere in the world and there’s no wiring or exchange of hardware.”

According to Ply-Control, once installed, Danalock uses Z-Wave or Bluetooth Smart technologies to wirelessly connect to the Danalock smartphone app. From here, users press a button to open or close the door. They can also send virtual keys to friends, family, babysitters, contractors, or weekend guests and grant and revoke access for certain time frames. The log system lets the user know who accessed their home, when, and for how long. Danalock can be set to sense the approaching homeowner or guest granted access and will unlock and welcome them into the home, hands free. The new smart lock can also be programmed to automatically lock the door after the user enters.

Danalock is the only smart lock available with both or Z-Wave and Bluetooth Smart and there are three unique versions to choose from: one with Bluetooth Smart for instant use with any smartphone, one with Z-Wave that integrates with existing home automation systems, and one with both technologies. All versions are available in two aesthetically-pleasing designs; Danalock Square and Danalock Circle.

Danalock uses batteries so locks will stay on even if electricity goes out. Sensors let the user know, with LED indicators and via email, when batteries need replacing —approximately every two years. With Danalock, Poly-Control is not only addressing the consumer market, the smart lock is also a perfect fit for hotels, commercial business uses, and homecare providers.

CEO Overgaard expects to see a huge increase in the market share for smart locks in the future.“Traditional keys are easy to lose and copy, keypad codes can be easily shared or forgotten, and biometrics are expensive and a challenge to install. The smart lock is a beautifully designed, simple to use device accompanied by a single mobile app that runs on your smartphone. And how great is the feeling of not having to always remember your keys?”


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