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I’m Shakti Android App Gives You “Shakti” In Emergency

With growing crime rates safety has become top priority for every individual. And what could be the best way to keep oneself secure than an android phone, something which is always with you! I’m Shakti is an android application that alerts selected people in your address book upon activating a certain key press pattern.

The purpose of I’m Shakti is as simple as it gets, to notify a closed group of people about your current location and need for urgent help. It alerts your relatives, friends, colleagues or loved one’s about an emergency situation cropping up along with your whereabouts, if god forbid such a situation arises.

In terms of usability, there isn’t much to talk about. The app offers a single screen UI with options to “Create Emergency SMS” which will be sent to emergency contacts; “Send Emergency SMS” to dispatch the emergency sms and Battery Saving, Enable Silent Mode options (which are totally out of place considering the core functionality of this app). I’m Shakti allows you to send emergency sms to any number of contacts, there’s no upper limit. You can set the Emergency Contacts by simply tapping in to “Preferences” screen.

In order to use the app, all you have to do is setup the emergency sms, add contacts to emergency contacts list and you’re good to go! Now to send emergency alert you need to press the power button 5 times in a row (within a span of 2 seconds) and sms’s will be dispatched consecutively. In a handful of test runs I did, the key press combination triggered app every time and near perfect location was shared via sms.

Unfortunately, if I turned off GPS and mobile data, the location accuracy took a beating. Moreover, the latitude/longitude coordinates shared via sms couldn’t be accessed by Google Maps. I am hoping Notion Ink, developers of I’m Shakti are working on it.

The app is compatible with Android version 2.2.2 so almost every android device owner should be able to install it. It is available free of cost in Google Play Store. Hit the image link below to download the app.

Android App Play Store Link


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