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Imsy Mobile App – Free And Superior Alternative Of Whatsapp, Better Battery Usage, Ability To Disable Push

In one of the previous article written by Jatinder wherein he discussed about possible ways using mobile applications to send more than 100 SMS per day thereby surpassing the limit set by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), he discussed about various mobile software installing and using which you can easily sms your buddies with no upper limit and that too at cheap rates.

Blackberry Messenger, Whatsapp were some of the alternatives, however both of them have a set of drawbacks with BBM being exclusive to Blackberry users whereas Whatsapp costs around 1.99$ per annum, small amount but NOT free. I recently came across one such application for Android, Symbian and Applie iOS users called Imsy which does the same task as done by Whatsapp but better and is available for free!

Imsy is a smart mobile application that has a installation size of just under 450Kb (can be installed on memory card as well!). It allows you to send unlimited FREE Text and Multimedia messages to your friends, relatives, colleagues, etc anywhere in the world at no cost. It also has group messaging features that allows you to make groups of friends and start conversing with all, for free. Adding to all this Imsy also has inbuilt small apps that take care of your daily needs viz. Receive free daily alerts of Horoscope, Weather, Sports, Stocks, Cartoon strips and more….

As I said, Imsy does what Whatsapp does but BETTER. The reason I say “Better” is, the developers of Imsy have overcome the lackluster that Whatsapp was experiencing in terms of Battery usage, push notifications, background process and service availability. I have been using Imsy since it’s launch and I must say that there hasn’t been a single instance wherein I felt that Imsy was running in the background unlike Whatsapp. Imsy has been a wonderful and better alternative to Whatsapp.

Anyway, this is not a “I hate Whatsapp” article so we’ll move on. There are some feature that I want to highlight, which make Imsy worthwhile:

  • Ability to install on external memory card,
  • Disable 24x7x365 push notification to 15 minute/30 minute, etc interval,
  • Very little effect on battery usage,
  • Turn on/off notification message,
  • Available free of cost
  • Small inbuilt app like Facebook, Twitter, Horoscope, News, etc

These are some added functionality that make Imsy better than it’s competitors. However this being said, Imsy has very few users, Infact in my phone address book only 1 person was using it 😮

The people/person behind Imsy should really promote this app. It has got the potential to kick ass of its competitors!! And if you own a Apple iOS, Android or Symbian device then look no further, download, use and promote Imsy now…!!!

Imsy is available at Apple Store, Android Market and Nokia Ovi Store FREE of cost.

NOTE: When you install Imsy, it’ll send a verification sms to its servers which will cost you (International SMS rate). This happens only when you install imsy.



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