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Increase Your English Reading Speed With Geeky Reader [Review]

As a child we are told to read as much as well can to develop reading skills, fluency in English language. However not everybody follows this rule and mends its own way in some other area interest. Geeky Reader is for all those who belong to the latter category.

Geeky Reader is a simple mobile application dedicated to improving your reading speed by continuously flashing words on the mobile screen. It is aimed to increasing your reading speed by following the very basic principal of “try and try until you succeed”, words from pre-loaded story are flashed on mobile screen which you need to read without any break. I used this application of a while and following is my review, what I think of it:

Geeky Reader Review

Installation is straight forward, a single installations file of approximately 350 KB can be installed either on phone memory or memory card (does not make a difference). But since it is a QT based application, you need to have necessary QT files installed before using Geeky Reader. Using Geeky Reader is simple, just tap on the story you wish to practice on (doesn’t matter which one) and start reading the words on the screen! The default settings are okay to start practicing with.

When I say “settings” it means the customization options that Geeky Reader provides for the user. Some of the important, essential configuration option it provides are:

  • Ability to go to any portion of the story you are reading,
  • Change the speed at which words appear on screen per minute (start from a low value say 50 words/minute),
  • Number of words to display per screen, more the words more the speed = More the difficulty!
  • Color of text and background can be changes depending on the color scheme you are comfortable with. Although, black on white is what I prefer.
In a nutshell Geeky Reader is a portable book which you can read in free time and increase your reading speed over a period of time. This being said, it lacks one essential feature i.e of providing some more free, compatible books to read. By default Geeky Reader comes with 4 pre-loaded books in its library but i think more should have been made available. Variety is always appreciated 🙂

One thing that works out quite well for Geeky Reader is that the screen wherein words are displayed, displays links to most of settings mentioned above thus eliminating the need to stray from the reading screen at all!

All in all I’ll categorize Geeky Reader under Educational Apps and highly recommend it to those who are interested in brushing up their English reading speed. It will help you indirectly in all aspects of life, I believe.

Geeky Reader is compatible with Symbian^3 running mobile phones (Nokia E7, C7, N8, C6, etc.) and Symbian^1 (s60v5) based mobile phones (X6, 5235, 5230, C5, 5233, N97 mini, C6, 5800, etc). It costs Rs. 50 or $1.99 and can be downloaded directly from Nokia Ovi Store – Geeky Reader.


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