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Internet Security Essentials (Part 1 of 2)

We all know that when we connect to the internet our personal information like our data, passwords, e-mails, etc are at a risk of being stolen or manipulated. Then, it becomes important to keep the information safe and hack-proof. For doing so, you need to have a good, reliable security software installed in your PC in order to protect yourself form malicious attacks. I am going to highlight some very important features a security software must have in 2 posts, starting from this one.


Following are some essentials that a good internet security software must contain :-

Antivirus software

This is the most essential thing as viruses are the main source of computer crashes and data loss. A good Antivirus software should be easy to install with the feature of self-protected installation. It should be light on the resources.  A regular virus definition update is the most necessary feature as it helps the program to fight with the latest viruses. Generally the antivirus part itself contains all the other things like Trojans ,Bots ,Worms and even Spyware & Malware but we need  to understand them separately as to what harm can they do and how to overcome those.

  • Trojan :- A type of malware that looks useful (to the user) but it actually facilitates unauthorized access to the user’s computer system.
  • Bots :- These are software applications which run automated tasks over the internet. These can be used in both constructive and destructive manner.


Spyware is a application that collects and relays data from the compromised computer to a third-party. So it is very important to have a decent Anti-spyware to protect data loss and to restrict leakage of delicate information. Basically as the name says these are meant for spying on other people and their activities,stealing their passwords,etc.  Well there one more thing in Spywares i.e Adwares that automatically play, display or download advertisements. Well they are the least harmful.

This post is Part 1 of 2 post’s series.



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