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Pops Notification Themes App – Pep Up Android Notifications!

Google has been improving notification system of Android and has come a long way since Froyo. With Jelly bean making in-roads to various devices, the expanded notification feature is the latest available to android users.

However, a lot more can be done to make notification appealing to eyes. Pops Notification Themes does exactly that. It spurs up notifications system and takes it a step forward with added animations and sound effects! For devices running Gingerbread, ICS, not capable of receiving Jelly bean update, this app is a blessing in disguise.

Pops Notification Themes delivers full screen notifications which can personalized for individual contacts. The app supports notifications for major apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS, Gmail, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger, Google+, Instagram and Gtalk.

In terms of customization, Pops offers a lot many themes and the best part is all of them are available free of cost! As a matter of fact, this is one thing I like best about Pops. It’s available free of cost, the themes are free and there are no annoying in-app ads. If you are android users, no matter which flavor you are using, do try Pops. It’s available for free in Google Play Store, has beautiful themes and very low memory footprint. On an average, Pops occupied ~5 MB system RAM, which is not bad at all!

I also made a small video of how Pops Notification Themes works, watch it to get a better idea.


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