Surf Blocked Sites


Have you ever been into a situation wherein, you couldn’t access particular sites because of some restriction ??
Or Are you one of those office maniacs, who want to access social networking sites but because of your bosses lame excuse ” The work will suffer”, cant connect with fellow friends.

If you fall into the above mentioned categories, then you certainly need to bookmark this page for future reference or subscribe to the feeds for future updates on similar topics !!

As mentioned above, there are times when there are proxy settings for some sites to not be accessed or some social sites and chatting sites like orkut, yahoo, msn etc are blocked by the server like in the case of colleges, offices etc. In order to bypass such ‘restrictions’ i am listing down some sites through which you can have access to blocked sites even if the server are blocking them !!

Although there is a long list but i am summarizing it to only those working and easy to use. (Best For Orkut !)

If you have any suggestions for site that i have missed or others which should have been included here, then please let me know.

A word of advise from blog authors :
Please use the above mentioned trick/software safely.


  1. Nice list… but I would just like to warn guys trying these in schools and offices to be careful and think twice before trying.


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